Conserberal or Liberoservative?

Conserberal or Liberoservative?

 November 12, 2016
It’s time to kick out the world of ‘divisiveness’ that puts people in camps of two choices, ignoring that this is a world becoming more and more one of many colorful choices. Until recently, many seemed comfortable calling themselves a conservative or liberal; Republican or Democrat; blue pill or red pill; this or that. No longer is the world just black and white. The two choice have become trenches of manipulation and blindness to the many other alternatives. As technology creates changes beyond the imagination of yesteryear, humanity shackles its mind, heart and soul into limiting categories for control, manipulation and domination. 

Change is the only permanent thing. Change is anything but black and white or duality. Everyone has a different perception of everything and transferring that perception to register with someone else’s perception is a hidden version of two drunks who don’t even speak the same language trying to have a conversation. This skeleton communication or ‘lack of there of’ is commonly popular in marriage and partnerships worldwide.  

‘What are we and who are we’ is an endless conundrum for people at large. Our recent presidential elections for the first time were really partly about airing the dirty laundry of government and its secrets. The answer isn’t to just change the two adversarial options, but to awaken the individual and collective consciousness beyond their denials of everything being all right, and yet at the same time swimming in place against the moving river. Trying to fit into labels is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Something  has to change! What better time in history than in this moment here and now?! Be of no label!

There are two types of intelligent people: The majority who falsely think they are, but it’s only those who are much more likely intelligent that can see the ‘self delusion’ of the majority. The hardest ones to convince that they lack inner intelligence are those who are just allegedly brain smart – at least in many ways. Little will change by just renaming  something in hopes that the new name will (although you would think so) aid a change in an entity unless it’s inner components, or more specifically members, raise their individual consciousness followed by their activity, visibly showing that. 

The New World Order (NWO) and it’s many cloaked secret component organizations is slowly attempting, in many clandestine ways, to further dumb down the population for control, domination, and manipulation while the unaware are distracted. The US is calling for world vaccinations now, with microchipping everyone to follow by suggesting the advantages while ignoring that central government controls can alter everything individually and collectively in all. We are all in out own live movie so that for the freedom of spiritual development of infinite individual identities, we each can control our personal lives. Otherwise, the human race becomes cropped like sheep, or better said, ‘sheeple’. The controllers that became so, out of mass unawareness, then can ‘shear the sheep’ by taxations for the benefit of the one percent or less. Spend time on the inner awakening and that means letting go of the fears of loving yourself. 
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