Bubble Gum Life

Bubble Gum Life
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 October 31, 2016
Life’s loopers or ‘bubble gum people’ maintain the persona they were in their late teens rather than throwing out the bubble gum, and same ole, same ole looping nature that resists personal evolvement. Dancing through life chewing bubblegum has to stop at some point early on, but the same old you with the unfixed nick’s and emotional craters often carries on with the same old ‘blame game’. Instead picking yourself up by the bootstraps, and being able to show others, look what I’ve done to not be mired in the mud, but that you keep paying ‘interest’ on the inheritance of bad memories that you refuse to cut loose. 

Self surgery works, and it’s free! You don’t really have to turn your eyes around and look inside, that’s just a metaphor for using the mind and heart to examine who you think you are,but are not really. Likely you’re not innocent of  accepting things you’d like to change in your memories, but instead have locked up those memories and ‘drag’ them everywhere, even to bed with someone else. Time to ‘check out’ of all the past, but for the qualities which will guide you too greater heights. 
Why be on the rum from the things you’ve done, and have had done to you. You are living in a river of darkness. All the money in the world doesn’t cover up the darkness that dwells within you. Turn on the lights even when it’s painful for you too see having spent a life hiding behind what isn’t you, but found its way into your experience. A romance of the self is the leading edge of the inner loving of yourself. Why hang it up because things have not all turned out the way you planned? Plan for a miracle by moving in the direction that savors the possibility.

The day will come when, ‘it’s goodbye and you might realize what a fool you’ve been when you had all the tools to weed the darkness of the mind and heart. As a rather proficient backgammon player, I was told years ago that luck was for losers, however knowing all you can about playing the game, luck is more than a bolt of lightening miracle. Mind over matter. You don’t mind it don’t matter. Life is a people eater. Why not make life a gourmet meal as much as possible, and while being in awareness with discernment. It’s a good way to avoid ‘unlucky’’ happenings. Inside, make a home within, and love will be there waiting to show itself to you, another,  and the world. 

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