Nightmares in Heaven

Nightmares in Heaven

 October 29, 2016
Does one have nightmares in Heaven? Until we find out about this ‘heaven’ place, it’s best we be concerned for each moment here, and do our best to make it a ‘heaven’. Of course, heaven here has it’s storms, pains, sufferings, crisis, and all kinds of situations that come up for us to deal with. The good thing is that for those who live in awareness and inner self love, that which we’d rather not face at times will be an opportunity to deal with it as best possible, and hopefully grow from it, although at the time it may seem impossible. 

Nightmares rarely happen when we are awake, but situations do happen in real life whether we sleep or are awake. Nightmares in sleep have many reasons, or ‘no reasons it seems’. Trauma in ones life, particularly when the mind is still developing, reflects situations that caused us great pain. Day or night, the tape of the memory plays causing unnecessary conflict both in our sleep, and in actions that a well centered person would rarely have. Let’s assume this ‘heaven’ is a gift for a life led of love and compassion, why then would the ‘gift’ have nightmares along with it? 
Life on earth is all the way from ‘hell to heaven’ with most coming somewhere in between.  Each being has within them a light that they can choose to ignore or acknowledge. Perception of all the material ‘carrots’  or perks of life as the secret to happiness, only results in rotating feel good moments with feel bad moments resulting in the likely-hood of getting stuck in the mud of ‘feel bad ones. 

At this time of incredible developing technologies, the masses are so enthralled with them that they are paying little attention to their own personal nightmares that they have little time for getting to the roots of how to ‘escape from them’. Actually, and sadly, while the masses are caught up in indulging in their desires, the elite or shadow governments, are busy with their power and money creating ways to further dumb down the masses into a real collective nightmare as in the presidential election of 2016 is into a real nightmare for the collective citizens. 

The real nightmares are more and more hidden beneath the surface of what people pay little attention to from creeping censorship, increasing toxins in our food and general environment, lies driven by those who make money from them, political duplicitous agendas that serve the corporate aristocracy while cutting the wings of freedom for citizens….the list goes on and on of ‘living live nightmares’ being created while the populous is in a kind of sleep.
I’ve been working with a very bright person in Pasadena, California who is just beginning to really ‘wake up’ in life. I asked her yesterday, as I was writing this, if she was having the nightmares and restless sleep she had for years before beginning frequent meditations. Her answer was ‘no’, especially compared to the past. She is a very eager supporter of meditating to sleep better with few nightmares and her ability to handle aggravation or any nightmarish negativities that comes along. Let life here and now be like a heaven as much as possible. Stay in the moment! 

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