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Free & Positive!
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 October 16, 2015
To be free is to be positive and see that you are free to be! To be positive is to enable you to be free! Always take the highway to the positive and the freedom without ignoring the way less taken for that may be the road with more freedom. Slip out of the encumbrances that seem to give you freedom but instead entangles you in unnecessary obligations. Be negative or vacillating, and you’re not free but tethered to what doesn’t go away keeping you in a prison like space at any moment. 

Ever feel you’ve been up this road before, and it’s not the road of your best choice? Maybe negativity has become the friendly enemy that is always there. Like canceling your fears, which sounds like a good idea, especially for being more free? However, there are practical fears that are necessary for survival, like looking both ways before crossing the street. Those are common sense fear and very positive. Fear of the dark beyond obvious concerns can cross into a negative obsession that needs to be unattached to. At some point  in the early past, love was missing the power to not let in that fear. Prayer or affirmation of the positive and/or meditation can ‘reboot’ that so  called ‘demon within’.

Personally, I prefer those thoughts and actions that are free and positive. When I arrived in New York City back out of the University of Oregon in Eugene, it was just a vacation from just being excused from going to the negative Viet Nam war. However, I fell in love with the excitement of NY, didn’t know what I wanted to do as I was bent on doing law school. After, some days of figuring out what I could do to stay there, I knew that whatever career I went into, it had to have a great sense of freedom, to be as I wanted with little constraints. I joined a big corporation as a salesman in Manhattan and for the next 20 year before moving to Venice Beach, Ca., I enjoyed freedom in and out of work. Loved it! Outer and inner freedom continues to this day.

Every negative is an opportunity to find the positive and be free of the control of the negative shadows. There really are NO WRONG CHOICES! Every choice you make is a learning experience. that hopefully is always leading you to a greater awareness and compassion for ALL LIFE. It’s really that simple! Be open to new opportunities that present themselves to you and in the meantime do the things that give you the most pleasure. The power of love, freedom and positivity are curious things. Be curious!
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