Conformity Reformity

Conformity Reformity
by Arhata
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October 4, 2016
Look for the new way but respect the old way. Break out from the norm to make it your own way! No one has to walk ‘lock step’ in how they were brought up, or how they fit into the social style of the day. Be a rebel, but with consciousness and sensitivity to others. The normal way is often more negative than a new way of being as many in society are still stuck in behaviors, regardless of booming technology, that certainly doesn’t serve the evolution of humanity. Men have been regarded best as being a ‘man’, and a woman had her place. The gender roles for greater equality are reluctantly changing from a man’s world to a world of equality. 

Just because so and so did it, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. While working on Wall St. in the early ’80’s, I worked with a unique fella who had immigrated here as a teenager with his family from Hungary to escape the ‘revolution’ there in 1956. His name was Pete Gogolak. Pete changed football as a ‘place kicker’ for the New York Giants. Gogolak kicked ‘soccer style’ with the side of his  foot rather than straight on, even when other players thought him nuts. Now it’s common, as he reformed kicking for the field goal. 

Conformity of thinking by the masses sells, be it for food, medicines, socialized conditioning, or anything that makes money from the conforming consumers unconscious, and non questioning habits. The world, through greater spiraling technological advances is bereft with surreptitiously rigged products, especially foods, that contain health and cancer causing ingredients for cheaper  and better ways to market to those who conform to their unquestioning palatal desires. Life has become a changing phenomenon at greater and greater flash speeds that unknowingly cripple most from seeing negative consequences that the originator and seller, be it a politician, corporation, or any source is eager to put out for monetary benefit with little concern for the public. 

Both the individual and collective, need an evolving awareness and discernment for seeking all actions and behaviors that are among the highest choices. The ‘new man and woman’ ‘breaks step’ from the old ways that either didn’t work best or have authentically been replaced by a more advanced consciousness. One thing that never changes, but has been historically ‘short circuited’ throughout all life, is the search for the fountain of love, and finding it within. A revolution of love beginning with you, and spread like a wildfire around the globe is possible. All it takes is one person or couple to set fire to the whole forest of lies and negativity. It has happened with many venues before, and it can happen right here right now. Sounds small, but not many years ago, one person ignited one law that changed the way dogs working with conscious  humans could leave no mess! Love has continued to be expressed for others in that one action. Why not pick up more love from within!

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