Toilet-Paper Money

Toilet-paper Money
by Arhata~
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October 2, 2016
Hardly any of your ancestors had either, they just made due. Seems today we’re too dependent on both without taking notice that neither has been around that long, but most forget how ‘entitled’ or fortunate we are! Our ancestors certainly made due without both. Both come from trees where the birds and bees hang until the logger sends the tree to the pulp mill. In working my way through college I worked in the logging associated business for a company, called Weyerhaeuser Pulp Mill where the logs were unloaded for debarking and then making into chips eventually to be converted into pulp, then off to other enterprises who made the toilet paper and the money we both so covet as obviously (?) necessary. 

One of these papers causes most of the ‘greed’ in the world, the other rarely causes greed. Both are very functional and need not be hoarded. Most Americans always have enough toilet paper, but all except a few make money their religion to some point or other. Our whole legal system is pretty much about money, toilet paper is free, especially in any legal system building. 

Some say money is at the ‘root of all evil’, another reference to the ‘tree’. Both toilet paper and money have to be handled carefully, and of course not run out, but that’s only a modern thing as neither existed most of human time. No  one becomes addicted to toilet paper, but money? It is more often than not, a persons main religion paid attention to. Addicts rarely admit their addiction, particularly those who run their lives guided front and center by money. Certainly, living in a ‘money world’ one must pay attention to what is needed for ‘basic needs’ of shelter, food, and  the balance of it’s ‘maintaining’. 

This is a new world, mostly because of unbelievable advances in technology, and with it many possibilities to improve our lives through all positive factors from communication to love’s many offshoots like compassion, empathy, sensitivity, giving with no expectation of return, discernment for seeking the highest possibilities in all endeavors, etc. 

This is a ‘new age’ and not the joke many have made of the phrase. There has been no better time on the planet that we know of where evolvement spiritually can happen individually and collectively. Time to ‘flush the addiction of money down the toilet – no toilet paper needed for that! Stay with the old fashion devotion to the heart energy, and go with that love energy from within for the finest riches! Unless you’ve got a good supply of self love to begin with, chasing money at some  point replaces any intensity of love, if it was there ever. The gold you seek is love!
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