Revolution of Love

Revolution of Love
by Arhata
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 September 29, 2016
There is a revolution ready to happen – it’s not the old revolution of fear but the breakthrough new birth – the revolution of love! It’s time to hijack the darkness of fear driven lives. Lives have been an endless broken wing of the fight for survival and the avoidance of unnecessary fears. No longer need life be a worst case ‘Russian roulette’ where billions seemed destined for a life crippled by endless decisions that reflect perceptions from a love mixed with fear and negativities.  A mass light of love is coming to envelope the planet as if forgiving the past negative karmic debts for those willing to accept the new light leaving the darkness of the past. 

Life is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and look to experience that reality. Love is a spring that trickle into a river, sometimes a roaring one, then one that flows into the ocean of love. Love is a pleasant virus that creates itself automatically when the paths are clear of life’s obstacles from the past which most cart around though out life.  

Kick out the obstacles from the past to unattach them from love’s growth in flowing to the ocean of love. Give yourself life’s greatest present by being in the present, and opening your heart more than the rattling mind. Close your eyes and breath in and out deeply and slowly until the heart releases it’s invisible energy of power. It is a  prayer. The scriptures are silent and without words in your heart when opened and released – pure energy! Take yourself there and you will resonate more with those others who do. The ‘buzz’ you will feel with be so gentle, that you need to pay attention to it for love to pay attention to you. 

Words are used more and more in this technological world to confuse and discombobulate you from the truths which are hidden from all but those with heart, awareness, and discernment. Set fire to the trash within, yet keep warm with the memories that keep the heart resonating with all energies of compassion and benediction. Love is always in all energy if you unrelease the infinite supply. Whatever your circumstance, turn your vision around and look inside for the fountain of love. It’s there! Use meditation to unhook from the stranglings of the past. The world is dependent on you at this time to do your part in creating a ‘revolution of love’. There are other things you are suppose to do with your life. You are a miracle, time to give back, and loving yourself deeply is going to do it! Let’s be part of an ‘evolution to a revolution of love’!

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