Seeking Truth

Seeking Truth
by Arhata

September 23, 2016
‘Truth Seekers’ are very alive, and never rest until they get to the bottom of anything or anyone that they encounter. ‘The truth shall set you free’! There’s a song, ‘I don’t want to live without you’… Truth is you never will have to be without the love. Love yourself deeply, and the love of anyone you don’t want to live without in a way, will always be living with you! Turning up the lights in your life means to open your heart and all your perceptions to see deeper and deeper from a heartfelt space. 

This seems to be the ‘age of exposing’ of what we thought was the truth to look deeper finding we were just relaxing mentally and taking the generally accepted facts as real. In politics, especially in 2016, the coverups are being unmasked to reveal lots of dissection and spins of the truth to what serves the ‘spinner’ in power. Be it politics or religions that are filled with good but still are filed with deception, or even some other phenomenon, seeking the truths under the dark veils is to find the light of truth.  

Often, it’s not about becoming a new person, but becoming the person you were meant to be, and already are, but don’t know how to be. 

Be what you seek, and you will find what you seek within you. Inner seeking becomes inner finding. You can be a spiritual ‘finder’ when you know who you really are. It’s ‘show time on the planet’, and you are no less than the star to show what millions of years of evolution has created. You owe the long process the best shot you can give regardless of excuses that you may have about the past liabilities. If you had a near perfect childhood, trust me, that becomes a liability to overcome when faced with most who didn’t, and who either bring the negatives with them daily, or in rare cases are smart and seek to rise above them. 

Why run away from your true self by ignoring that there is one buried deep inside you? You have one golden gift at the moment in addition to being you. You have ‘time’, give it the best expression that you can create no matter how small you start with. You were once, only an imagination, and maybe even one that no one had that allowed you to grow, but a ‘magical like harmonious positioning that is still expressing itself happened. You’re it! That’s the truth!
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