One Way Love

One Way Love
by Arhata
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 September 16, 2016
Love can be a strange affair! Unrequited or unreturned is ‘one way’. There is really only ‘one way’, and that is ‘love of self’! The lower the self love, the more unresolved, attached issues one is holding on to. It can also be a question of finding someone who can receive and give the same unobstructed love, but that person may be yourself only! The love you give and receive emanates from ‘you’! It’s already within, whatever it’s amount and quality that exposes itself. It’s impossible to just love one person and not another, however circumstances send a message from love of yourself and another, whether to follow the one love while rejecting the same energy to another. Love has brakes and common sense with compassion for harmony within yourself and another.

Love comes in many ways and kinds, from love of an article, view, pet, everybody, a deity, somebody, yourself, and every where you can imagine. Then there is a question of ‘how much love’ toward anything or anyone. There is the giving of love and the receiving of love. The person filled with love has no limits of love to give or receive from another that they love. Commonly, two people meet in love, and it usually in time becomes a weak mutual love, or possibly a  case of one enjoying receiving it, but not able to give the same amount. Hence, the condition ‘You didn’t love me..You  loved the way I loved you’.  

Love that depends on somebody as an adult is a poor love. In the years of from pre birth throughout youth, particularly the early years, the love of a parent figure is crucial to your ability to love freely through all life unless you see that the love you deserved was mixed with negatives that cling to your everyday, and you find methods to give growing love to yourself.

Virtually no college in America teaches a course in self love. Only since the latter part of the 20th century has the methods of increasing love from it’s hiding behind fear within people, been addressed through books, videos, and more importantly through the rise of meditation as the way to open the heart more and more to love (and that may be also through Yoga meditation). Love going deep is a meditation, and meditation itself opens the heart to love. They become one and the same. When it comes to love, make it the first priority. Be tenacious, and excited for more love in your life. There is one way to love – open your own heart and enjoy! 

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