Religion’s about Death

Religion’s about Death
by Arhata
September 13, 2016
One can be religious without adhering to any religion, accepting a savior, believing in a god, or conversely could well be a religious person by actions of being aware, conscientious, discerning, compassionate and so forth. Many would consider an alternate term to religious to be spiritual or to be conscious. 

All religions are man made phenomenon to deify a certain belief in a higher power, and/or reasons to avoid a lower power sometimes called satan or satanic, which is not being in the afore mentioned qualities of behavior. The answer to where we came from and where do we go is generally a mystery for answers, and in death’s case, a vacuum of non answers leaving no hope for the human being who questions and looks for answers unlike all other life’s creatures. Over millenniums of passing on information to answer ‘life’s questions’ slowly there developed what today are called religions, and have been crested to serve the sick, hopeless, and as a safety net for those not knowing where to turn for help and answers on many levels. 

It behoves us to trace the origins of the word religion. So called religious people of a religion often sheepishly and obediently without questioning go along with a prescribed ‘faith’ while considering all others, meaning the doubters and non followers, to be irreligious or even satanic. The term ‘religious’ comes from the Latin word, religiosus and in turn ‘religio’ meaning ‘ supernatural  constraint/taboo; obligation; conscience; scruples; religion. Since scrupulousness and conscientiousness are considered aspects of being religious, then anyone religiously  scrupulous and conscientious, whether they believe in a certain god, religion, or not, may be religious while some of those in a religion may not be religious.

Believers in god, or not, many have done outstanding humanitarian work and/or have walked a path of godliness.  All religion’s offers have been, or are being replaced with even better means of answers, such as meditation, yoga, spiritual books and videos, as well as groups to life’s questions on how to best live a harmonious, happy, productive, loving life. Religion only offers one thing that can’t be found elsewhere, and it’s based on less than the ‘lock of knowing’, and that’s the belief of being a doorway to death’s rewards. The ‘duality’ of religions, particularly the Abrahamic ones is an either or proposition meaning the choice of heaven (la-la land) or hell (which millions here on earth find themselves in already on the planet) that is eternally ghastly with no repentance. Religions take their often complex scriptures and try  awkwardly to fit them into today’s understanding

‘’The important thing is not to ask what is the purpose of life, but to clear away the confusion that is within you. It is like a blind man asking, “What is light?” If I try to tell him what light is, he will listen according to his blindness, according to his darkness; but from the moment he is able to see, he will never ask what is light. It is there.’’ J. Krishnamurti  
Love is as strong as death. Rise up and always focus on love and it’s positive energy of the heart, for it is the best path to whatever happens, when and where you go. 
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