False Flag Love

False Flag Love
by Arhata
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July 14, 2016
WE hear this term ‘false flag’ frequently lately. It’s creating a negative situation or distraction, and blaming someone else either to cover up what the ‘creator’ hopes will lessen attention on another matter that it wants little ‘flak’ over. In other words a ‘coverup’. Also, it can be a negative act used to blame someone else, then perpetrate an attack on those falsely blamed. There are many variations, it’s kind of like a magic trick where you are focused on one thing while the ‘trickster’ uses ‘slight of hand (lie’s) to do what he wants the outcome to be.

Now when it comes to love, it’s can be hard to find because there are all kinds of ‘false starts’ or coverups of who each person really is when the love clouds pass over. Like the stars, moon or sun, they are always there after the love ‘rush’ fluffy, romantic clouds pass. On a clear day you can see forever, likewise with a clear love, it is forever, and not just for someone, but within yourself! Most love is over before it gets even really started, or at least, the love trip is either canceled, or get derailed somewhere in the ‘forest of lost’.
To begin love with reasons that consciously or unconsciously lurk behind in your mind, and love being secondary, is a ‘false flag love’. Love that has unlocked the heart that is filled with love may show up in a myriad of ways depending on circumstances but is  always there especially for who you love or have loved. Self love is self trust, and who better to trust than love?

How many start love for sex but soon forget the love that was there, and needs an aware intent with heart opening to stay. When love with someone has come and gone the memories are not much of the sex but the silent pulsing of the heart and the inner tears of what floated away into the stars of memory. Love will always be there if it is within, and apart from anyone. Love is first love for yourself, and another is simply a mirror of how much you have within. 

Making love like a cheap thrill, which may feel great in the moment, is treating it like a vacation, then it’s back to the usual. A mutual agreement that is always treasured to fully communicate in the most positive ways possible is like a sacred love meditation bond. Moving into love before you love yourself, and the other does the same, and is ‘risky business’, making love a ’false flag prop’ with other objectives taking priority. Heaven is finding love within and then others who enjoy the same vibration. Love is a dance of romance within. Love heals when you do it right!

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