Co-ed Restrooms

Co-ed Restrooms
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 July 13, 2016
No female should be required to have a ‘Dick or Peter’ in their ‘female restroom’. Among males are disingenuous or perverted ones that cannot be trusted to respect females! My solution to this problem is not one commonly discussed – and will be covered below. Many women who are of an age of having seen life more than someone younger, will state that 60-80% of females in their lives will have been molested or raped unwillingly by males (and in the US!). The ‘neanderthal’ DNA is in a large percent of males, young and old, still thinking females are for his pleasure at his ‘beck and call’, or to be entirely subservient to them, and responsive to their slightest request.

‘Male lurking’ of females is a disease. We don’t need male and female restrooms that are open to indiscriminate usage. Society in general has a ‘thinking problem’ among nearly all people that must be changed for the society’s evolving process. That type of thinking is ‘duality thinking’ and behavior such as making everything black and white, or right and wrong, or conservative and liberal, and just this or that. 1 +1 =’s 2; 1 + 1 +1 =’s 3! That is a simplified way of explaining the difference between ‘duality thinking and non-duality thinking.

Before coming to the simple solution, which the duality thinker will find too complicated, it is worth noting that we in  America allegedly live in an evolving society. As difficult at it is for those use to one way of using technology to adapt  to a new way (and it sure can be!), it is exponentially more difficult to correct inner thinking and emotional patterns that have become ‘entrenched friends’. 

Getting outside of the box to look at restrooms used since the beginning of time, we can see that the favorite restroom used almost exclusively by all, was something called ‘earth’, where everyone peed and the rest, sometimes hiding, but often it was not easy. Adult males have always been the problem with their perversions and lack of spiritual awakening that implants into their DNA, respect for each others rights, particularly when it comes to privacy. Did you ever consider that all animals, fish, and birds have no trouble doing the bathroom thing in front of each other? And, we are an advanced specie?

Inspite of rampant poverty in America, there are obvious signs that we are a very entitled country with most who live better than much of the world. With all the money and riches that we have, it should be easy, in spite of the mental dissonance it will cause, to begin building 3 bathrooms for the public everywhere where people need to ‘drain their biological wastes’. That’s called thinking outside the box or non-dual thinking! Problem-reaction-solution! It’s time to see that this may indeed be an evolving game changer. IN the 3rd restroom, anyone can use it …and that may help everyone at times!

Through meditation, you will see the benefits of this compassionate, sensitive solution, or you can actually use just your thinking and come up with it too. Isn’t free thinking wonderful. Choices are hidden, and it’s more than just ‘one’!
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