Take-it Ezy-on Me!
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August 4, 2016
It’s all up to you, but whatever you do take it ezy on me! Once a close friend, take it upon yourself to do your part in keeping that, rather than just disappearing or moving into ‘remote behavior’. 

One of the sad things about living in big cities vs small towns, is the penchant to withdraw from a close relationship, even a spouse, and taking advantage by not having to see them again. Smaller towns certainly have their disadvantages as well as advantages that are also disadvantages. Case in point here is when a disconnect happens with someone, the disadvantage is you will likely encounter them many times. The advantage is, there is the opportunity to restart a different relationship that has an easy opportunity of showing active caring. Meaningful people in a mobile society simply too often just disappear. 

Be a treasure onto yourself, and keep aware that those who are, or have been special in your life need to be nurtured as having been in it for a purpose. Always value those even more who are focused on love and the truths of life. Most  people are just rowing upstream through life, but they too deserve attention and compassion. Life today, in the past few years, and into the future is moving at lightening speed compared to all existence prior. Humans, though, are developing at a snails pace compared to technological developments which are more and more controlling life, and in a sense dumbing down people who aren’t on a path  of inner evolvement.

The Apple Mac phone, which I currently use, is more complex and far faster than that which guided us to the moon a few decades ago as well as more ‘intelligent’ than a supercomputer that ever existed like IBM’s 1997 Deep Blue supercomputer which beat Garry Kasparov in a historic chess showdown. With this in mind, one can only awe at the kind of computer power each of us holds at their finger tips. Never mind we use for frivolous matters. Imagine what you’ll be holding in your hand (or inside it) 20 years from now!

Take it easy on drowning yourself in the ‘technological whirlwind’ while forgetting the unused powers within you that are of a dimension that computers in real life, fall off the tracks in comparison.Take imagination, it has no timetable, and it’s always ready to fire up! You can put it on like a coat and move with it at any moment you choose. If you choose. Look into the eyes of a newborn child or into someones heart that you love, or into the soul of a dying or passed love one, and see the limits that all technology has. Be blessed that within each is immeasurable love and freedom! 

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