Love Doesn’t Come Easy!

Love Doesn’t Come Easy!
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 Aug 1, 2016
Love is everywhere, but why can’t most beg, borrow, steal, or smell it downwind more often, or not at all? All of us are born into a certain amount of ‘love parenting’ to one degree or another. Most parents in the world at this time, are struggling with experiencing love going back to infinite generations. Parents, with few exceptions, will go through life caught up in circumstances and a mindset that doesn’t serve evolving in love much as their ancestors did since the beginning. This may well, finally, be the best moment in eternity to learn love’s depths. Why miss the opportunity?

Nothing, or few things come easy if you’re not open to them ‘realistically’. Saying you’re open to being overwhelmed with giving and receiving love is totally different than being able to demonstrate it as an everyday part of life, and endlessly. For a rare few, some things in their life may come easy, but the flip side is it’s easy to lose what you have a propensity to perfect more in what comes easy be it athletics, intellect, music, or love. What you acquire be it material or spiritual, the unseen forces of the world, be they other humans, accidents, or your sense of unprotected entitlement are vulnerable to that which downgrades it.  
Most everyone is like a growing plant, preparing itself in seeking its blossom. Someone or the right environment must nurture that growth, or if it has not met that nurturing, you must take it in your life upon yourself to seek ways to correct what has left you with ‘blocks’ to love’s growth. Love can be painful in its transformation in it’s mutation of moving from the clinging old to its letting go to a new consciousness free off all blocks. Fear of the unknown is a major one of those blocks, as we become friends with who we have settled into a discomfortable comfort of the erratic within.

Love is fire! Rare is it possible to have the ecstasy of love without going through the fires until it is purified into the love that becomes part of your consciousness and being. Open the doors and windows of the thinking of who you are. Another, who you open to in some way or other, is a mirror. The higher the love, the clearer the mirror. Looking into each others mirror is like a dance that in its height, you merge into one. Hence the invisible third person, called the ‘us or we’. 

Love relationships can be a spiritual path. Drop the ego with the other, and lead each other into the open sky of love and its wonderments. In that love, truth fills your heart. Step up to the ladder of love and climb to the heaven within. Love is the answer and the question. Love reached deeply is always with no beginning and no end. Love is always a virgin where you are endlessly ‘born again’!
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