Who R U?

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 June 14, 2016
Who, why, what, how, where, when are you going to find out the truth before it’s too late? This is not a trial run. Why set who you think you are in ‘stone’? 

Time to make the time to slow down, and reverse directions. If you’re going ahead with who you were as a kid, and what you have become to think of yourself as this person you’ve become, chances are all but certain that you’ve got it wrong. Are you excited by who you have come to see yourself as? IS it a perfect fit for who you want to be, or have you forgotten the most important direction? It’s time everyday, starting now to use your imagination perhaps and take your best qualities to the highest that you can reach. 

Stop the con of dragging around the negatives of who you think you are, or the perceptions that others have of you that differs from the inner you. Time to stop and ask yourself if you lead your life from the heart and the highest choices available. Time to be open to tearing off the mask and reveal everything about you that made you right now, then, open to be one with the energy of awareness. No past, no future, just in the moment. 

Be all you can be, in your heart and reaching higher in all aspects of your qualities both inner and outer. Keep rolling and gather no moss in the ‘rut of  complacency’ where people become sheeple. Kiss the life that allowed you to be here in the most opportune time ever! During all this, know that you are not who you think you are, and who others have ‘painted you into a corner as’ fulfilling their perceptions of who they’ve decided you are, inspiring your feeding the flame of being some, less or more of that perception. 

Wherever you are, at the top or bottom, know that it’s all an illusion until you can separate yourself from the illusion and see that the real you is a silent, aware being with the qualities of using what you have to give compassion to others in the world that need a light for direction to escape the quick sand of illusion/deception, who and what are you? Tell yourself to ‘wake me up’ before I choke on the regurgitation of who I am not, missing the vicissitudes of life’s divine love. Time to roll from down to up, to the flow of inner beauty of love’s awaiting gifts and blessings. Your ‘common self’ is necessary but invasive to the inner self. Know when to reach in, and always be there! Love allows you to change the script of your life. Remember love is a ‘verb’, so keep growing with it.
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