Mind Molestation

Mind Molestation
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 May 28, 2016
If the body can be molested, so can the rest of you. At best, but still among the worst, is when one is unaware of being molested by an outsider for their agenda of manipulation, domination, and control for their pleasure. There are many people ready to shake your hand, embrace you, and welcome you into the labyrinth, the weave, the connection of everything to everything-  – ‘the matrix’. Now who would do that?! Think politics, religion, military, anyone with an agenda they wants you to be a part of where a sense of coercion is present. 
Mind molestation is like falling into a ‘quicksand’ where slowly or quickly you eventually find yourself in a rabbit hole with little chance of coming out into the daylight again. Some people are like abductors of you mind, body, heart and soul telling you it’s the way of being saved for you and to lead others down the same rabbit hole. 
Now, just because the ‘molestation’ feels good in someway doesn’t mean the eventual results will feel good. Even with more mind manipulation that it is really good in ‘the box’ of giving up your freedom of imagination, questioning, and doing anything outside of the ‘vibration’ you have jailed yourself in for fear and guilt at what will happen to you creating your own world free of all ‘strings attached’. Life is an adventure for you, and not a zoo with bars, be they invisible or whatever. 
No child needs any outside force that obstructs free thinking to grow up healthy in mind, body, and spirit other than the  love of common sense, with loving parenting. If that doesn’t happen – voila! There is always ‘you’, free to make the  decision to stop and seek ways to let go of that which you wear in your mind that doesn’t feel good! You don’t need any outside force ‘molesting’ your mind of healthy free thinking and being. Why melt into the butter of being part of ‘every things connected’ without seeing it’s another mind manipulation for control of your ‘freedoms’. 
Always be free to doubt and question any information that looks to have you as a ‘believer’ as the best or only path where someone else is benefitting. Know that covert, hidden mind manipulation is also around every corner to have you jump into their sinking ship telling you it’s the only way! Life and love are the real adventures in life. Be focused on the highest of possibilities that are always filled with positivity, compassion, love, meditation, and the spiritual world of consciousness. In addition, always be open to laughter and all inner enjoyments that give you freedom and all who you are involved with. Exit the ‘matrix’ of that which controls you of any freedoms that you as a free and entitled spirit are here to enjoy! 
‘Letting go’ give, us freedoms for happiness. Let go of anything than creates anger, anxiety, attachment to possessions, etc., and be free. To live is the rarest thing in the world! Most people exist, that is all! Live and love!!!
Life isn’t a multiple choice game. Just be on the path of love.
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