Blue Moon Remembrance

Blue Moon Remembrance
April 25, 2016
Love remembers itself whether it came once in a ‘blue moon’ or is a full moon all the time. Let love shine every day within, and embrace it for it is the magic elixir that keeps the beauty within you live. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, it doesn’t matter love is love. Let it be and grow in your heart. Nurturing that new love as well as the love of fleeting memories that have all but disappeared in the clouds of time. 

Love comes in many ways and forms. Might be from your mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends, a pet, the invisible energy all around some call god, your many (?) love connections, or deep loves as life rolls on. The possibilities seem endless. Ultimately it comes from within you, and certainly can even be the love of yourself. No one has to feel love toward you, for you to feel it toward them with compassion or understanding for their view. You even don’t have to feel love within you toward anyone or thing including yourself, but know the seeds of that love are within you waiting to give and receive. It’s in you DNA waiting for your attention.

Our world is dominated by fear. Fear of terrorism, fear of getting old, fear of death, fear of cancer, fear of whatever you name it. The fear of connecting with someone you valued is often really a shortcoming on your self image as well as love of yourself, not to   mention just being selfish.

When you turn and walkaway, let’s remember to always keep in mind the good times you shared. Let the walk aways open a new door of friendship that each take responsibility for keeping live. Just a ‘Hello’ and a few words from time to time add fuel to the love that sits in remembrance. Love doesn’t close its doors ever. The ego does. Today its common to see members of a family act as if they never belonged to each other. Families need be open to each other regardless of circumstances. People’s lives sometimes change but change needs to be in an evolving with greater compassion and wisdom. Couples who once seemed their love was forever, dissolve as if there never was a history. Often two people bring each others problems to the relationship, or at least one initiates the separation.

Many doors open when people fall apart for whatever reason, but still, differences can be put aside for acknowledging the connection that was once so valued. Love is a memento that adds to more love in the heart especially when the doors are kept even a little bit open. Love yourself first and ‘stop messin’ with love! It’s the real blessing of life, and the magic elixir that heals all.
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