Rolling Uphill

Rolling Uphill

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April 17, 2016
A rock often presents itself in the face of the goal of reaching where one can live in happiness and bliss. The rock in your personal life is ‘blindness’ to the path that releases the obstacles opening to a personal nirvana. The analogy is from the Greek’s Homer’s ‘the Iliad’ where a Sisyphus is an archetypical hero of one who displays scorn for the laws of life, yet hatred of death while a passion for life. His punishment is to endure an eternity of hopeless struggle.  Those who are unconsciously  opposed to the light are condemned to persist in their ways that habitually leave them behind the ‘eight ball’.

A ‘rolling rock’ gathers no moss, but still remains stoned to the vicissitudes of loves enchantments. Spinning wheels and going nowhere is to row against the rapids of futility. Sisyphus was a king of the fabled Corinth who would forever roll a massive boulder to the top of a steep hill. But his efforts were always in vain, for whenever Sisyphus neared the top, the rock would roll right back down again. Sisyphus was thus forced to start his labor all over again. Like treading water and going no where but in futility. 

In my world, I find many confused people to be for free speech, but only if it agrees with them. Again, like Sisyphus pushing for something but finding  himself being against the rock of openness within. Boulders in the way of something, best need to be let go of. The biggest obstacle of course is ‘you’ clinging to perceptions that need to disappear back into the fogs of life as you walk into the light of the sun and moon. The sun and moon are within as a seed that needs nurturing so as to enable it to flower into a love then a whole burst or garden of love every where you go. 

Loving yourself and another with all your heart is easy, yet not possible authentically with blocked boulders of hatred, fears (other than practical ones), and all forms of negativity not from the heart of love. I saw a quote the other day I liked, ‘Riding high on heaven’s wave. Relax, Receive, Rejoice. Lay your troubles down! Breath deep in meditation while watching the passing of the chaoses of the mind. The ‘flexible, sensitive mind of awareness and discernment in the journey ahead is one that keeps you rollin’!  Be in control, and yet always remember to not get too caught up thinking you’re really in control!l l Nevertheless, ‘Let’s Roll’! 
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