Little Big Egoism

Little BIG Egoism
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 March 15, 2016
Spiritually speaking, a big ego is necessary for a breakthrough of the barriers that keep you a puppet of conditioning and programming of your outlook and in-look of life! The ego at the top has an escape hatch, so to speak, where it’s converted to being beyond the ‘self protection’ of an ego. The ‘spiritual breakthrough person’ can of course meet any situation in any way they choose, and choice is the key factor rather than the sleeping elevator ego that rises from small to the illusion of ‘big’, and yet is a fake coverup for insecurities.

The false big ego is relative to a little Chihuahua dog facing off with a Great Dane as if its barking ego will affect the bigger dog. Ignorance or insecurities suppressed due to one’s prior experiences easily misjudge situations that activate the weak ego to appear real when indeed it’s only a momentary reaction out of discomfort. The mind becomes like a ‘frayed rope’ that is weaker than what’s needed. 

We all have an ego or defense mechanisms for an infinite variety of situations. Those who have found comfort within themselves through a loving background or prior adjustments through the power of will and/or meditation become less reactive if at all to any confronting situation. Finding natural quick adjustments increase in their abilities when you are  centered within yourself. Life in a way is like a ‘sport’ where trial and error through looking for better ways enables you to reach all objectives faster and better. 

Little egos that frequently need to appear big to others create unnecessary stress, and stress that accumulates over  time. Inner problems live in the underbelly ultimately causing both outward and inward problems particularly when it comes to physical health. You are like a ‘frayed rope’ if you try to consistently face issues that break the strands of strength of a rope. It’s a much better idea to spend energy strengthening the rope or psychological make up of yourself. 

Freedom means the ‘freedom’ to be who you think you are as long as it doesn’t cause undo suffering to another’s freedom. At the same time ‘the who you have accepted as you with little or no self examination to rise above initiating negative behaviors or words is to refuse the spiritual evolvement, and the freedom to be who you REALLY ARE.

To destroy your enemies, make them into your friends, and like wise acknowledge your inner negativities, and turn them into into friends by reinventing them to work to become your hidden real friend – your high consciousness. Freedom and love of self are your real friends!  
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