God is a UFO?

God is a UFO?
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 March 20, 2016
I was doing my meditation walk on the dark streets under a starry 4:30AM sky when I was struck by the thought again that no one can precisely define ‘god’. We live in the Milky Way galaxy as one of millions of galaxies. In this galaxy, earth is pretty invisible from most parts of the Milky Way. One of the nearby galaxies is the Andromeda Galaxy approximately 2.5 million light years away. Scientists say that if humans live there, our galaxy would likely be invisible to them! Now there are still million of galaxies left! Not only is the earth invisible but ‘you’ and I are beyond invisible!

What’s real and what’s not? Have we personally evolved to any significant degree than our long ago ancestors, the neanderthals? Are we deluded in thinking so because of our mass educational systems, not to mention the ‘bull in the china shop’, ‘ever growing technology, inventions, and entertainments? Has it all made us as a collective, ‘too busy with  distractions and entertainment’ instead of ‘inner-tainment’ to evolve the godlike spirit hidden within every ‘you’? Are you the real alien to the real you? Wondering about aliens out there has become a fantasy for millions, in my mind it’s just a replacement for ‘Jesus beliefs’! Look to know, not just ‘believe’!

Who you really are, hidden inside, is the real UFO that is parked, probably for the rest of your life as you continue to be attached to the acceptance that how others have  programmed you to be from infancy is the real you. That’s your outer, personality cover that you live by most of the time. Truth is the most important objective in life for you begins when you turn your eyes around to see the inside, or you can just shut them and take slow, deep breaths letting the slow exit of the minds thoughts that have become barriers. 

God cannot be seen with the minds eyes. Drop the mind and let go so that your heart begins to feel itself, and an essence that can be called love, awareness, god, suchness, etc., ignites a fire of bliss and joy within. Seek excitement within. Be naked of all beliefs that cling to cover up fears, allowing the spirit to rise from the heart. The mind will be blessed when experiencing the heart energy that opens love and consciousness. To be the real you, go beyond the ‘you’ that you are clinging to. Life in this moment in time is a deceiver, and can make you think that life is longer than it is, and that enjoying the outer experiences allows you to circumvent the inner. To be free, unleash all negatives that keep tagging along with you daily. Godliness and love are your personal UFO’s as an alien, until you travel within to see who you really are! Love makes you enormously significant!
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