Fondling Love

‘Fondling’ Love
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 March 7, 2016
Pedophilia love is former romantic love that downsizes and drops to ‘immaturity love’ among adults. What goes up doesn’t have to come down if it’s really enduring love. Love that isn’t pure falls – that’s where the expression ‘falling in love comes from’! Always be rising in love! The real ‘thing’ never goes out of style unless it was just a spike of emotion that turned to a lot of endless commotion. Most people are lucky to get one good shot at love that isn’t just a biological spike of emotion. My observation of men in particular is that they rarely get above a 13 year old level in love.

‘Love transfer’ is not just a song but what does actually happen! Like two cars of a train, each needs the other for a safe, enduring connection so that the separation isn’t imminent. Hooked right with love, no matter what happens, is never a train wreck, but on going even if just in spirit. The biggest myth of a love relationship or marriage is that there are always ‘ups and downs’. Typically, yes! For one’s who bring their open heart with common sense and compassion, nothing breaks the love or downgrades it into a fake love where the juice is  gone. 

Few people are not just a little impaired, but not without the tools within to rise above life’s prior obstacles. Life led as an outer experience only collects and piles up obstructions of suppressed emotional, psychological impediments that shut out inner growth. Strangely, people become lonely friends with the broken person they’ve come to see every day  for fear of letting what they’ve ‘sort of’ learned to put up with. Old habits and negativities become petrified to the point that your resistance is like moving a mountain, however mountains melt with ‘love’ or the meditation techniques to bring up that love to melt the mountain.  People get comfortable in their delusions. Don’t just accept your mind if it’s like a bad neighborhood. 

Giving and receiving love depends on your open heart, and an open heart just might be helped with an open mind to let go of all negatives that you drag through your life with no reinterpreting them into a positive view. In a relationship of commitment, what works best is that both are equally open in mind and heart, or at least agreeing to mutually assist each other in it happening. 

Conviviality is to be friendly and of good company with cheerfulness. Love your heart and your heart will respond as your best friend that will help you see through even the darkest moments of your life. Life occupied by the mind with little heart participation is a recipe for your and others healthy experience.  Half heartedness is no substitute for one in full love!  Levitate your love!
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