Son of Gawd

Sun of Gawd
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 February 13, 2016
Son of God or Sun of Gawd? Does it really matter? Before Jesus for millions of years, humans were in earlier stages of development. There was the Sun that rose and died everyday…or so it appeared. Before 6,000 years ago, it was the source of all life, then Adam and Eve magically arose, and did their private tete-a-tete to set the table for some rules for humanity to follow until 4,000 years later the apparition created by ‘god our father’ appeared as a ‘baby in a manager’. Mary then nursed him with her breast milk, and much of the rest for years is a mystery.

2,000 years later (however, 50 years ago I was told it was 2,000, so now it must be something like 2,054 years or what ever, but certainly not 2,000), the English name for this ‘Son of God’ being ‘Jesus’ (in spanish, it’s pronounced, ‘Haysoos’) he is without a doubt, the being spreading the most energy on earth, and second to no other. Is the belief and faith in Jesus helpful to millions? Of course. The irony is though that objective, credible researchers such as my closest friend who passed on Christmas Day, Acharya S, and who is the leading female religion researcher in the  world on religion ‘myths’, are pooh-pooh’d by Christians, and WITHOUT being open to reading the findings. 

The story of Jesus has tremendous healing power for people regardless if he, and most of the other characters mentioned in the bible never existed in the flesh. The bible and all other  holy books are filled with much wisdom, inspite of that there are many, many passages that are too negative or confusing for today’s minds. However, fortunately thousands of writers of the ‘spiritual’ today say the same things and much more!

What no spiritual writer today can offer though is the promise of eternal life, but for those who accept Jesus as the son of god into their heart, and believe it with undoubting faith. Two choices: heaven or hell. Both are separate and eternal. To think it’s a ‘trick’ and hell(o) is really heaven and heaven is really hell is to not have faith. Faith comes primarily from the heart when it comes to ‘god’s word’. Logic is not invited, or questioning. You just have to ‘know’…or have faith in that knowing because you really don’t. 

One thing for sure, it’s of the highest, most positive consciousness to love those who are of the Christian faith who accept Jesus as their Savior. Of course those of other ‘faiths’, like Islam, should also love all, including Christians (and vice versa). I’m told that ‘loving your inner self’ (which I regard as most important, and should come first) is not so important if you go direct to Jesus. The fact that those who don’t understand that or ‘just can’t comprehend it’, don’t feel bad! I love the Christ Spirit, but also the Buddha spirit, not forgetting to love positive Muslims and all others ….even the negative ones, for they ‘know not what they do’!

Ultimately, words don’t matter as much as what’s in your heart and actions!
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