Hello … Goodbye

Hello … Goodbye

February 5, 2016 
Lots happens between ‘hello and goodbye’! Lots happens between that first cry and the last time the eyes shut forever. You were there for your gap between ‘hello and goodbye’, but how much can be re-called? Do you remember your first hello with everyone, and did you ever have a goodbye that you can remember, or maybe one that haunts you wanting to again say ‘hello, how are you…it’s been a long time with a lot happening between the ‘hello and the goodbye’. Starting over rarely gets to hear the ‘hello’, as goodbye has closed the doors, and ones that are sealed.

Life becomes filled with ghosts of the mind and heart, yet never continue living life so that one of those ghosts is the ‘ghost of love’. Much of life is relegated to a ‘cruise control’ that avoids taking what today is called a ‘selfie’ of who you really are rather that the ‘coverup’ that becomes the accepted you. Life is best for the soul if you always are free, but free with lots of love, and doing what’s necessary to make sure both of those aspects of life reign. Make it out of your closets of fear.  

Go to the other side of life that adorns the positive, and converts all that is less to the highest possibility of consciousness. Between ‘hello and goodbye’ is the time to heal all of your wounds, and make amends where possible.
Life is seemingly an illusion, yet is very real in the moment. We are all possessed of godliness  within to give and receive from common sense and the heart, yet too many get caught up in the spider web of ‘nonsense and stuff’ that consumes our attention in the direction of survival, and for many, enjoying the endless technological advantages and benefits. They each cause you to overlook that they are really closer to the illusion by far than focusing on your life and knowing the real you inside. 

Drop into the night, for the dawn of a new day of opportunity is coming! Rise with the sun! The sun of godliness shines for you! Make life a honeymoon. Find excitement for all the possibilities from where you are. You have places to go, people to meet, and things to do – between ‘hello and goodbye’. 

‘’The music has ended, I still hear the song
Our moment was brief, but our kisses were long
Though the loving is over, the love of you stays
And the memory will warm me  the rest of my days

It’s not how long the Spring
It’s not how wide the sky\
It’s just how sweet the time 
Between ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ ‘’

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