Doubt Truths

D o u b t  T r u t h s
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 February 3, 2016
Who’s telling the truth, and is it true, or only a perception, belief, guess, or just relative to the time, place, and manner?
For the first time, after reading many accounts on what happened to the alleged orchestrator of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center over the last 14 years since 2001, a whole new ‘truth appears’ from the famed ‘truth teller’ (allegedly) who escaped to Moscow. Former CIA employee, Edward Snowden has said (again it’s allegedly) that he has evidence showing that Osama bin Laden, who was supposedly killed in Pakistan in 2011 by U.S. special forces, is still alive and well. In an interview with the Moscow Tribune, Snowden said Osama was living in the Bahamas, on the payroll of the CIA. (that last line seems to make it farcical).

This seems to be the age with amazing technological developments where everyone can communicate that we get snippets or more of ‘the real true story’ of everything that hits the news. We also hear, that the government has people who are paid to put out disinformation to really screw things up as it’s not easy to figure out who is who and what is what! 

Truth is what is. Lots that is accepted as ‘truth’ is perception, belief, confusion, agenda driven, lying and  on and on. What’s accepted as truth needs logical, common sense, and more verification. Moving to the personal do you really know why you are here? Do you know who you really are other than what you’ve come to perceive supported by outsiders confirmation. What you see and hear may or may not be the truth. The ‘truth’ is often a lie posing as truth in your perception, which may indeed be filtered through your prior conditioning and belief systems. Then again, ‘truth’ is more that frequently subject to change. Even your attitude about something that has been unchanging, can suddenly face new information which might change the ‘truth’ you knew…if it holds true that is. 

We’ve all heard many lies like: the checks in the mail, read my lips, no new taxes; you’re the best I’ve ever had; I love the gift; I can quit anytime; I promise I won’t come in your mouth; and, the worst when it’s not true, ‘I love you’. Oh, and one of the worst is just the omission of truth! 

Always, the question you need to ask yourself, ‘is what I say and do really true, and not going to hurt someone unnecessarily? Now, being overly obsessed with truth can be a neurotic illness, so we can lighten up with a little humor and accept ‘white lies’ sometimes, which are harmless fibs or small untruth, often done to spare someone’s feelings or for some other diplomatic reason. An example would be telling your mom her pie tastes good when it tastes terrible or telling someone they have a beautiful physical feature while omitting what clearly isn’t. A love committed partner needs to live in truth with you.

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