Humble Bumble Bubble

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Humble Bumble Bubble 
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January 20, 2016
Acknowledging your personal weaknesses first to yourself then ‘owning them’ to those in your life helps everyone understand what would otherwise be confusing. Living in a ‘bubble’ is to be isolated for one reason or another from information that would burst the bubble of ego or ‘entitlement’.  A bumbler is one who, among other miscues, trips over themselves preferring to overlook what is an obvious personality malfunction that sensitive other ‘familiar with you people’, can easily see. Strangers who know you only superficially may not see what those close to you see. 

This all puts you in a ‘bubble’ of misconception of who you really are, thinking that it is who you erroneously, egotistically perceive. ‘Knowing thyself’ is to be in wisdom, and outside of living in a ‘bubble of your false self’. Self examination while acknowledging how you come across, assists humbleness as well as acknowledging faults that may be confusing to others when not verbally ‘excused’ by you is to pollute all communication between others. 

While not normally referred to as dementia or anosognosia, the condition of not taking  responsibility for character or behavior aberrations year after year, becomes an embedded habit that is indicative of closing yourself off of personal growth, or more precisely, self realization. Dementia is a type of alzheimer’s condition where the person lacks the awareness of negative aspects of themselves, insisting that nothing is wrong with them. Anosognosia in it’s true form is a condition that is suffering from some disability usually physiological. It could very well result from PTSD (or post traumatic stress disorder) such as that which soldiers in war time suffer. It  could even be from losing a loved one suddenly in an accident, or many other traumatic situations where flashbacks occur. 

Living in a bubble is to not recognize the truth of who you really are, or perhaps the conditions that are around you. Simple ‘denial’ or neglecting to recognize what’s reality could well be the cause along with ‘friendliness attached to the bad habit’. People who live in a state of entitlement due to certain advantages that are not humbly acknowledged as ‘benefits’ not shared by many others of something, be it an ‘economic silver spoon’, intellectual acumen, exceptional looks or some extraordinary ability, etc., can create the erroneous assumption of entitlement or a sense of superiority over others. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald said …”Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.” I might add, genius is to correct that in the mind that doesn’t pass the examination of more aware people. It all comes down to finding and experiencing the love within consistently.

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