Verbal Intimacy

Photo below is of Acharya and I in 1986. Acharya entered the world of ‘spirit’ after 8 months of breast cancer. She passed a few days after I saw her in the town where she lived. Weak, but with a sense of humor. A friend commented that she looked like the actress Kathryn Hepburn lying with twinkling eyes and an occasional smile. She was the leading woman to take on all of the religions of the world in 7 books (beginning with The Christ Conspiracy) for the myths among the truths. She will be a legend for that, added perhaps magically leaving the physical world on a rare full moon Christmas Day. She was just 55.
Verbal Intimacy
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December 27, 2015
The ability to give and receive each others inner expressions is a recipe for love to grow. With verbal intimacy life blossoms, especially in a dialog of love with another. Harmony pervades the air all around. Verbal intimacy brings out the higher self! Life needs love, and a love to reach it’s possibilities is one that has resonance with another in uncensored compatibility. 
Growing crops in a desert is not going to produce much if anything. Love doesn’t grow where you are not in a space of receiving and giving. To give love, there has to be a supply within. The greater the supply, the greater of the love to give, but still it needs to be received on both ends. Giving out what you consider love in the form of charm, attention, or friendliness is not necessarily more than shallow love that likely is in need of reciprocal, deeper confirmation, for often it is just a mental process. The open heart receives and gives. 
Be present. Being here now beyond the past and future is being in the present, AND is a present! Let go and drop all fears of what is said by others, and what you can communicate. Be with those who are totally open to receive and give in all ways and thoughts of communication. Yet know that few are able to process positively all thoughts either they don’t know how, or are conditioned and programmed to be reactive to a multitude of words and expressions. Not all  people create their receiving and giving thoughts equally even though we may be created equally. Know that words have a power, particularly when another’s perception  is on the receiving end. Sharing words can be like walking on a tightrope. Balance is necessary. Walk in with words, but have the knowing how to walk out of situations that create ‘disturbance’ in the other. Reinterpret to the others liking for they may not be adaptable to all verbal exchange. Be ready with sensitive humor.
Always, for a closeness, seek verbal harmony, and if possible choose the one closest to you as one who can allow you total freedom (and vv) of all verbal exchanges. If love is deep enough, the mind doesn’t require being alert. Two in love have one mind that filters or transforms the individual words and expressions into the positive. I have had the experience of being with two separate people on the same day when I felt deep love with one receiving ‘selectively’, and the other receiving the same words with love and no friction! Interpretations are likely to be infinite where love by one is blocked by prior conditioning unreleased. 
Communication flowing unimpeded is a stimulus for love between two people to flourish to ultimate bliss and joy.
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