Breast Feeding

              Breast Feeding
Controversy: Rebecca Dunbar, of Ontario, is receiving backlash for breastfeeding her baby son while sitting on Santa's lap at a local shopping center and then sharing a photo of the surprising moment on Facebook
 December 22, 2015
Breast feeding, whether in public or private is another form of ‘free speech’, and in public should be protected by the First Amendment!  There is nothing naughty about substituting ‘tit for breast’! It’s ‘tit for tat’! In another sense, it’s a ‘service’ – who knows? It might be a breast feeding for a future President!Hopefully, one of a better quality than recent transparency shows ‘Presidents’ to have been! Colorado has recently confirmed that ‘pan handling for money’ is free speech as it’s an expression of ‘helplessness’, and a reminder to people that compassion is needed for those less privileged from having material things (if that’s a privilege), and all the other things and benefits we take for granted. 

As an avid displayer of free speech (324 days this year), I’m always welcoming new ideas and ways that can be called free speech. In this time of the government and society objecting to anything that offends their little mind, I think it’s just too bad, as the USA is suppose to have more ‘free speech rights’ than anywhere! That being said, we have wars to allegedly protect that right. Unfortunately, like the word ‘love’, it is just a word(s) – a paper tiger on baby food. Sadly, we spend too much time listening to the small minds that complain they are offended by this word or that, and  everything you can think of. 

‘Tit for tat’ is ok to write in public, but most towns in America have a lot of childish adults  who claim certain words will offend children when in truth ‘it’s really their lack of openness’! TIT Feeding as a title on one of my boards is a ‘no no’ to millions of shall we say, socially ‘conservative people’! ‘Tit for tat’ feeding would get no attention, but ‘TIT Feeding’, rather than breast feeding, could make some ‘crazy’! Individually and collectively, we need ‘quick action’ to evolve our thinking! Imagine as the Muslims arrive, and they facilitate making it a Sharia law, and it becomes an American law of the land to never allow a woman to tit feed in any public place. Imagine the many other taboos that will strut out to stunt our free expression.  

Clearly, the First Amendment of our ConsTITution is mentioned first because it is the MOST IMPORTANT! To protect your rights, you’ve got the 2nd Amendment to have a gun to protect the First Amendment! It’s time you, the individual, and the collective society wake up before our rights ‘go in reverse’.  Technology is changing everyday creating a bigger, greater gap between humans and the outer life that we’ve created. Man and woman going to other planets before they go inside to discover who they are is the greatest sin for humanity to continue in any sense of freedom. Love is freedom, and communication is the bridge or the Divine. WE are living IN THE FUTURE NOW! It’s time to step up!

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