Anosognosia & Love

Anosognosia & Love

SeaHow to Pronounce Anosognosia – Y

December 16, 2015
Houston? We’ve got a Problem! Examine yourself, seek the view of others you respect as positive mirrors, all to know who you are! Infinite people, either all their lives or in old age, are deluded from seeing themselves from the viewpoint of commonsense and the general ability to see who they are. Most people are more special than they give themselves credit for while a minority live in a ‘bubble of overrating’ who they think they are. The question to always ask yourself, ‘am I being who I have conditioned myself to believe, or is the ‘me’ different from the years of ‘piled on’ conditioning that leave you deluded?

 Anosognosia is a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person who suffers a certain disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability. Anosognosia is sometimes accompanied by asomatognosia, a form of neglect in which patients deny ownership of their limbs. Actually most, being on a journey in life, have a lighter variation of anosognosia, however as some age, certain older people become delusional, with amnesia, or a condition of dementia which is a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily life. The causes very. I’ve even read where ex President Bill Clinton, having been out of office over a decade, at 69, has taken on moments, according to several people close to him, that he’s still lives in the White   House. Those people do not think he’s joking.

It’s no secret, spiritual or not, that awareness or insight is imperative for a healthy life, especially when the attached quality of discernment is used for the best options in all things. The mind is both a wanderer and a denier of reality to protect a false assessment of a poor assessment anyway. Self realization is to examine oneself in all ways, especially for fears of closeness to total loving opportunity. I was speaking with someone today who finally has had major breakthroughs the last few month of letting go of fears. She is confident that she ‘truly loves herself’. When I asked her if she could imagine loving herself deeper, she replied ‘Yes’. Then, may answer was, the love isn’t total but in the mind’s ego. When a total self love of your inner self happens, which rarely occurs, all fears of closeness with anyone cease to exist.

Real happiness is an inside job.  My experience and observation is that few people really ever deeply experience life’s most valuable asset – love. Having felt love from time to time cannot be confused with a complete takeover of endless, consistent love that disappears for lengths of time manifesting self doubts or the delusion of having enduring love within inspite of most of the time not manifesting it. Love of your inner self is the best antidote for the negatives that come throughout life including anosognosia.


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