Kool-Aid Syndrome

Kool-Aid Syndrome

KOOL-AID SYNDROME ************
December 13, 2015
Pseudo intellectual idiots who spend their lives casting judgments, which really reflect their misunderstanding of who they really are, have too much sugar in their kook-aid to really be cool with common sense. Aside from ‘self defeating, illusionary paranoia, the term of drinking the kool-aid comes from the evil, religious nut, back in the 1970’s named Jim Jones, who had 900 or so followers with him in Guyanna so hypnotized with his religious programming that they were going to be attacked by ‘evil forces’, and that by drinking the ‘kool-aid’ they could have a short cut to Heaven rather than face impending evil forces about to come. The kook-aid was filled with poison allegedly to help them leave their bodies to top direct to heaven. 

So what does drinking the Kool-Aid mean today? It signifies that the person in question has given up personal integrity and has succumbed to the prevailing group-think that typifies thinking or media/government policymaking today. This person has become “part of the problem, not part of the solution.” Clearly delusional except for those in conscious awareness. 
Be the paradigm change within you that is necessary for a chain reaction of thousands to millions and more to become the new man and woman  who live in consciousness with the excitement of how they can both continue to grow within and effect that for others. Make your kook-aid every living moment in awareness with your focus un learning negatives and learning the new that propels you to the heights of a superconsciousness. 

Too many today drink the looney-aid of alcohol, over use of legal and non legal drugs. Examine why inside you is the need of self abuse. Don’t feed the flame of fears that are not practical ones. Be the ‘paradigm shifter’ that sets the example for others looking for guidance.

Let love be our religion. Not Christianity, not Hinduism, not Islam, not Jainism, not Buddhism, but love. Love without any adjective to it. Not Christian love – because how can love be Christian? It is so stupid. How can love be islamic? It is ridiculous. Love is simply love. In love you can be a Christ. in love you can be a Buddha – but there is no Buddhist love and there is no Christian love. In love you disappear, your mind disappears. In love you come to an utter relaxation. Try the ‘cool-aide’ of the heart and consciousness – they’re a great assistance to bliss and joy.

Only love can break your heart, but if your world falls apart, you’ll need all the love you could want!

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