Victim of ‘Victims’

Victim of ‘Victims’
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  December 4, 1015
Some people see you through their pains and issues, and make you the victim of their judgments never acknowledging that they see everything though the eyes of their own damaged soul of a victim. Blame the other even though your negative expressions and behavior are what fueled another’s reaction. Unresolved emotional disfunction’s that have only grown since ‘youth’s years’, glom onto others innocence of any initiating contribution to situations. The victim mentality is an acquired personality trait in which a person tends to regard themselves as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to think, speak and act as if that were the case — even in the absence of clear evidence. These ‘victim mentality people’ are vampires of others energies. 
We all run into other people’s stuff that entraps our choice of participation or not. Happens even with animals. Several years ago, I was a ‘vacation caretaker’ for a doctor friend as their family went on a trip. The ‘care taking’ was for 2 of the kids bunnies. They escaped the ‘pen’, and so I was told to set the steel wire bunny trap to catch them. Lo and behold a raccoon took the bait. The raccoon had no interest in helping me release him with very threatening snarling. The raccoon acted out being a victim even though he wasn’t, and until I found a way to carefully release him, I was a victim of his issues directed at me making me a short time victim.  
Everyone brings their ‘programming’ into interactions, and often that is unresolved issues that, but for the non release of negative influences, traps the ‘victimized carrier’ into a prison from the love inside that awaits detachment from the traps of self abuse. 
The three most formidable individual powers are logic, imagination and love.  Logic is essentially grounding and stabilizing.  It allows you to analyze any situation or cluster of information, and see through to its validity or invalidity, beyond deception. Imagination takes you soaring. It allows you to see your greatest vision for your life—and therefore act toward its fulfillment. Love is the basis for everything to reach toward it’s highest expressions. Love can be the victim of your closed being.
As a ‘vampire’ spreading your ‘victimhood’, reflect on impermanence and death as an excellent opponent force for any recurring emotional disfunction’s. When we reflect on impermanence and our own mortality, our priorities become much clearer. Since we know that death is certain but its time isn’t, we realize that having a positive mental state in the present is of utmost importance. Yesterday’s attached negative memories need to fly away! Open your heart and experience loving your positive self.

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