Puppet People

Puppet People
December 7, 2015
You invent your reality, or others do it for you! To be really free, you have to invent your life as much as you want to or is possible. When arising from our schooling at 18, the world has many roads to take, some overlapping the others. Your personal life choices, may occur simultaneous with a choice of further schooling, athletics, work, religion, romance, etc. Pandoras box of opportunities creates a bit of confusion, even chaos, but starting suddenly in a life of infinite ways to go is an overload of decision possibilities. 

It’s YOUR WORLD! Only your ignorance enslaves you. Beliefs are the roads unknown. Don’t get stuck in them for they are only to lead to ‘knowing’. But once you change those beliefs, once you create new beliefs that lead to knowing more to enrich your life then life meets with the harmonies in your soul. You have the power, you just have to use it, apply it so that it works for you. When you do that you will find a better way to express your life and things change. That power of conscious choice is within you.  You are the writer, producer, director, stage hands, actor, and even the audience. Your stage on the world is now, right here in the moment.

The world is not a toy land! You just don’t roll over on command! The world has for millions of years been in an evolutionary process, particularly for the humanoid who is for the first time able to make an unbelievable jump in consciousness both individually and collectively, right here today! 
Conforming to that which is to enhance your everyday safety is one thing, but thinking  and living (which is existing) in a box of information from controlling sources whether it be the mainstream media, political pablum, unquestioned religion, a god who pulls strings at will, or what is the easy, safe, non social activist way is all tantamount to being a ‘sheeple’ who can be used by the many systems. You become a puppet of routine, shutdown mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually ‘inert’. The ‘puppet strings’ you have leading your life are feeding someone else’s agenda of power and control which might just be a ‘belief system’ written centuries ago by men lacking information available today on how the world works. 

You, in the end, are the puppet and puppeteer. Always be letting go and seeking truths that are evolutionary to your life and love. You are the only living thing that has a tool box to fix what hampers your evolution. Give the tool of meditating a place of importance in your life to unattach from negative images that limit your freedom and love of self and life. 

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