Commitment Blooper

Commitment Blooper
November 27, 2015
Two people making a pledge to commit for life isn’t necessary for real love. Two people having a marriage ceremony, no matter if it’s just them, a witness, and a judge is truly a divine, soulful, loving experience of a commitment to love each other until death do they part. It is here that god disappears into the recognition that ‘god is love’. 

The ‘harmonious positioning’ of two hearts in a moment of beautiful innocence! It’s a ‘ménage à trois’ of love between two and the soul of love. If the love is ‘not enough’ it is still a precious moment. Rarely is it an unconditional merging of two hearts and souls though, but certainly a merger of love in the moment. A peak of consciousness peeking above the unconscious norm of each participant.

Good intentions are wonderful, as well as intentions to ‘always be in a love space’ with someone is heavenly particularly when they emanate from a full heart of love. From my experience, observation, and viewpoint there is a problem that seems to permeate most relationships, and particularly marriage. Consider the divorce rate since the world of equal rights for male and female surged for the in the 1960’s and ’70’s. Are all breakups and divorces an  example of conditional love?  

There are few absolutes, or dualities of black and white, especially when it comes to ‘love’. Love has no beginning and no end but in the mind, particularly of those who struggle with their own inner love, which is just about everyone. Love is like life, whether you are here or have gone to wherever souls go to, life is there, right here, right now. Love is the same with no beginning and no end, only a coverup by the mind and heart whose vision has been blocked. Call it a miracle, but love shines as bright as you experienced it both within and with another or others. 

‘The commitment’ is wordless, as it is ‘love itself’.  It may be endearing to look into each others eyes and heart where a marriage takes place and to make ‘the pledge’, but the real ‘pledge of love’ is unspoken and reaches out and in at all times. The conditional is ‘you blocking the love’s reality’ which is always giving and receiving. Between two lovers, be they together or apart, the love experienced is always shinning as bright as the heart once allowed itself to communicate in unison. Let nothing come between loves full blossoming. Always let yourself be closer than close.


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