Romancing a Dog

Romancing a Dog


November 21, 2015

Not long ago, I asked a pretty girl in her late 30’s, who seemed to love her German Shepard, ‘have you ever loved anyone more than your dog’? She seemed a bit taken aback at the question, but after a few moments of thought, she said ‘NO’! Dogs can be fascinating and very loving, but they have the understanding of a two year old child, and besides a dog is a dog no matter how much you care for one. The ‘two year old’ is part of you, and can grow to be a great contributor to the world as well as to you and those close to them. 

Romance and love in the 21st century is like an albatross, a continuing problem that makes it difficult or impossible to do or achieve something resembling meaningful love for most. Until the second half of the 20th century, people had little choice but to follow the social mores and endure a relationship no matter what, for the sake of a pledge with religion roots. With the advent of the late 60’s, and the first ‘sexual revolution’ with advancements in infinite innovations, the old ways  for millions fell to the iconoclastic. Millions were allegedly freed of the relationship/marital standards of the past. With it came much experimentation, but often it has been an insight into how love has been exposed for many to see how shallow it was, and how much more devotion and heart opening has become the new binding force. 

Males and females have become more equal, and with that many more single people, divorced or whatever. Both sexes accumulate a lot of ‘luggage’ without letting it go. Unresolved issues from childhood increase in relationships that are  not approached with communication and consciousness. Being a good mother or father to kids or pets does not make for a ‘divine love’ connection that results in two becoming ‘one’. Two in love are not dependent on the other but give themselves unconditionally and freely, and by choice. Kids or pets have little choice but to submit to their handler as loving as they might be. They are dependent.

Pets are precious, and children, are our very life. There are different levels of love. Love of self is most important, for without that ‘self love’ all other loves will be shortchanged. Love between you and a partner can be meeting godliness. It’s perfectly fine to have multiple loves going on at the same time but not as a love that blocks the phenomenon of two deeply in love. Love your dog or cat, your ‘ex’ or your neighbor including strangers, even your enemies, but deep love between two is to merge as one in the deepest way possible. Love is communication, and total communication is only possible within yourself, or with a loving partner who gives and receives totally with you.– 



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