Eyes of Love

Eyes of Love
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October 31, 2015
Helloo? You are always here in the moment with love. Love takes over and heals the mind of emptiness and sorrow. Love is never one to lose. Whatever the day or night love is there, but for your open and still heart. You came in because of love and in the moment you leave, love will surround you! Believe in love until you know love’s depths of oceanic divineness that fills the heart and mind. 
With love there is no beginning and no end. We are all given a little taste of what it is, and yet it’s up to each to find the continuous flow of love. Love will tear you apart, yet if your heart and mind are open, it will put you back together like you’ve never been before. Love is the Master of life that makes everything live no matter how small or big, ugly or beautiful, weak or strong. Always love wants the right environment to grow with it’s challenges of rain, snow, sunshine, darkness, or any misfortune. Misery loves company, but love loves company too!
Helloo? It’s your time for love to come into you. Love comes uninvited when the heart is open, but for a troubled or protective heart, it’s going to need your help with eyes wide open for the mind and heart. Love doesn’t always get a chance to grow in this fickle world where injury and death come knocking before you have a chance to experience being consumed by love’s gentle rush that is beyond what you could dream. Love will be the guide here, or on the other side. Only you can choose to escape its full flurry, but love will at least give all glimpses of what can be. It might be felt anywhere or somewhere at any time be it in a magical sunrise or sunset, or a smile or hug, or an opening in a meditation alone that surrenders to all the loving qualities love has to give. 

Helloo? It happens in a moment when the eyes of two hearts meet in a full body, mind and spirit from near or far on the phone or in a dream or right there in your heart. Love happens best when you are ready coming in a let go of the mind in a full surrender. Nothing can stop it’s journey but the mind, but when love takes over completely, it is unconditional for yourself first, but always for another who entered your love space. 

Open your arms, mind and heart and love will always be with you. It always was, just waiting for you to let go, and find  yourself in the ether of a feeling that radiates all of life into a wordless wonderland. Love creates a smile within that has no end. Let love be a new way of living! 


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