Ghetto of Mind
November 7, 2015
The mind is a ‘ghetto’! The mind is a ‘paradise’ when and if there is no ghetto or dumping of experiential/mind and emotional garbage laying around. The mind is multi purpose in that it collects what ever enters into it. The mind is heavily influenced by its interpretation of emotionally driven experiences. A ghetto is an impoverished slum with little hope of anything but the same old, same old where minds stagnate and often lives are shortened. Hope becomes a figment of the imagination that revolves each day if depression, hopelessness, and all fears don’t hardwire the mind. 

The mind is a servant of the attachment’s that come it’s way be they negative or positive. The question is, ‘who is controlling the mind’? Do we come into this world with an empty mind, a ‘tabula rasa’? The brain and the mind are different. Everyone comes into life with an empty brain that is part of the body. The mind is an invisible phenomenon released from the brain. The brain is a machine or ‘computer like’ that stores memory. The mind can be controlled by you with its many layers of consciousness creating a ‘vibe’. 

The mind has many layers of consciousness developed in this life but also from unknown lives that have transformed  continually. The spirit of consciousness comes into the fresh newborn brain, and can unfold to reveal phenomenon that seemingly came from nowhere. The mind is like an akashic record where information from the infinite past can appear both positive and negative. The mind is a shadow of what came before. 

To awaken is to drop the mind, or let go into an enlightenment. The mind  has no beginning, and has always been there. The end of mind is waking up into enlightenment. Enlightenment continues on and on, which doesn’t mean you can’t reach into the mind that you are unattached to. The mind is like going into the basement where the past or ‘junk’ is stored but without attachment. 

The brain is a computer where memory is stored from programming which could be ‘education’. All education is just feeding the computer. The brain can be useless and doesn’t really think, but brings up what’s stored in it. The brain doesn’t have answers to think about things which can only come from experience. Things like love, truth, or enlightenment and all the great things in life won’t have answers from the brain because they cannot be fed into the computer ahead of time. 

Intelligence is different than that which is memorized. Intelligence is how to use the stored memory in the best, highest way of its use. Memory is mechanical and can be like a basement of junk, in other words a ghetto without intelligence to let go of that which  is negative and useless. Time to be free of the anchors of the false you!

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