Inner Friendshit

Inner Friendshit
Nov. 8, 2015

We are all entitled to have at least one exceptional friend. A friendship is a relationship between two or more people. Overlooked is the obvious hidden in plain sight, first you must be a friend to yourself to really deeply bond with others. You are both the antagonist and protagonist! Life is a drama and you are the main character, but all life has it’s opposites. In the drama of life, you the protagonist, and have a rivalry called an antagonist, or your main self’s chief opponent. 

As much as we each are individuals, we are all cut from the same cloth, and in reality when closely viewed are all ‘one’. The uniqueness of each of us is due to infinite circumstances upon which we journeyed through. Everyone, be they seem a stranger, is our friend except for the antagonist that lurks within. Inadequate compassionate, empathetic programming within causes a rush to judgment about everyone we meet. All but the one who is a serious antagonist against themselves, and others, is a friend waiting to be recognized.  
Truth is, humans are still in the early troubled teenage stage of development collectively, from centuries ago finding themselves barely waking up in a world of high technological fantasy that consumes the inner mind with a quest for ‘things’ and experiences. The focus is on placating and deifying the mental such that a covert form of programing from different  competing agendas creates a split of the mind into seeing everything from a dualistic perspective. The emotional, spiritual inner being is being overruled by universal mind manipulation from those who thrive passionately for self gratification in the mind also. 

To disable ‘the collective mind grid’ would be to expose humans in the developing worlds as barely reaching the equivalent of an early teenagers suddenly testosterone filled mind. You are not just the junk filled mind! That ‘junk filled mind’ is the creation of a junk filler barrier, and not only a mind corruption but a prison for your emotional side from developing past or beyond the ‘garbage’ that stunts growth from a lack of positive, mindful evolvement to the higher dimensions of the experiential. 

Is it going to take a miracle to get you out of the prison you’re enabling yourself to remain in the dark within? Actually, it’ll be a miracle if at this wonderful time in history that you don’t take the time to turn ‘shit into fertilizer’ and find the best friend within. Become friends with a critical analysis of yourself, and use the many techniques available to eject your inner friendship out, so the love can shine on the harmony of your inner and outer self. Time to wakeup and group into the wisdom that awaits you.  Arhata~

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