End of Love

End of Love
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October 11, 2015
Love is like a box of chocolates – you’re never going to know what you’ve gotten into until it’s too late. Like chocolates, love is love but there it ends as only time will expose what that first bite probably didn’t offer a clue to. At the end of a rainbow is not a pot of gold, but a fading memory, and yet one that never really disappears, often either one that brings everlasting joy and bliss, or one that always punches your being of memory on ‘when’ it was. Then again, it may have never really made it up the mountain of love beyond the dark forests at the bottom. 

Once love enters your being, it can follow two extremes, or a lot of mystery in between the two. Love at one extreme sours leaving ‘loves messy memories’, or at the other extreme, hitting the jackpot of love where everything rings true on all aspects of harmony. Love ends in a deep reverence of wordless appreciation, or in endless pain unless you access the love within yourself. In between, are the people who drop into the intellectual repression of love, or the traumatic inability to escape love’s loss with not ‘mind energy’ but heart energy.  

There never is an end, and perhaps the beginning never comes but like a circle, it’s  there everyday like the stars in the sky on a clear night. All those stars that you see represent all the love’s you’ve experienced since the beginning of your time. You would think that after endless time, you’d have gotten the secrets of love down to shine like the brightest star in the sky. However, life in the past was often short and unfavorable to love’s highest possibilities. Love’s opportunities are better now than at anytime on earth. How has that been working for you?

Love is a spiritual journey either alone where meditating helps or by jumping in the ocean of love in full consciousness
to fly among the stars. However, to be a rocket of love, all inner impediments need to be cleared, and all systems ‘go’! That may take little or likely much in preparation.  Relying on the intellect and the body’s needs leads to shallow love in the end, hence tuning in to full body and soul with uninhibited harmonious emotion is the fuel to reach love’s heavens. 

Sadly, at this opportune time of love, most fizzle out like a ‘roman candle’ shooting into it’s beauty to only drop to the ground with it’s last response. Real love has no endings or beginnings. Only those who faltered, choosing an incomplete ending in a world of ‘duality’, destroy love’s meaning putting love on crutches for them and possibly to the one left holding the candle. Love always takes care of itself even if love is confused love. Endings of love are an opportunity to stay open, and in the heart to move the soul up to a richer, more benevolent love within. Always remain open to anyone that you’ve love with love and compassion. Arhata~

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