Medicate or Meditate

Medicate of Meditate?

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September 29, 2015
Preventative need of medical care is vastly aided by ‘meditation’. At first, it takes time while an argument could be made that popping legal medication, or anything used as medication including alcohol, marijuana, heroin, etc., is easy. Easy is the way for most, but it is the easy way out too! Think about it – the first thing you did when born was to breath, and automatically. The 2nd thing was to cry, and I don’t remember why I did it personally, but maybe it was because I missed being cuddled inside my mother, and the passage was frightening. In any case, being vulnerable even if it includes weeping is a form of meditating!

The world has over 70,000 toxins in all areas of the environment especially in most of the food in ‘Stupid-markets’ which in my town is called ‘Safeway Food & Drugs’! Nothing safe about filling your cart with loads of chemicals and toxins that the manufacturer is selling because you’re an ATM machine that comes to them!! And then, ‘Drugs’? All synthetic chemicals that cause other problems internally as they ‘maybe’ heal what there is a ‘natural answer’ for need to be avoided! Life today is a harmonious balance of healthy mind, body and spirit functioning together! Chemical drugs may sometimes help but not only is pricing prohibitive but you become a guinea pig for the wealthy drug  companies that are controlling life including the medical profession that starts in the Universities with ‘grants’ and other forms of ‘mind controls’. 

Meditation is a ‘self teacher’ that opens the mind and heart. In that phenomenon, the heart opens to a soft, blissful, compassionate energy the send a more loving  message to the mind. In that process, over time, past negatives are disconnected from giving an energy that brings up more ‘divine’ or positive outlook energy enabling you to live and love more deeply as is every human’s natural right. One of the nice things about it is there is no money charge, or in other words, ‘it’s free’. Free to free you of blocks in your existence with a more calming effect on overall health.

Turning your life around to the light is your right to change your life for the better! You can eat right, exercise, laugh, have fun, and still miss the inner blissful meditative light that automatically put you in the best space you could imagine.

Heal thyself first and all else will take on a more meaningful presentation. Medicate and vegetate, or take the high road and meditate! It’s time to meet the stranger within who really is the authentic you! 

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