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September 11, 2015

Within a box there may be a surprise that will change your life. In a box that has the answers to life and love, magic can happen. It’s wise to seek the best, most conscious answers always in the moment before one day you end up in a box where the opportunities are gone …at least for the moment. No one to my knowledge has concluded that you come back or not to learn more of lives lessons, but it’s wise to seek the most conscious ways in the moment, just in case as, like in life, what you put into yourself, has every possibility of showing up later. 
Don’t get stuck in a ‘life box’ with no windows for fresh, new ideas and ways of looking at things. Life is like a river! Always moving and changing, needing you to adapt and look at new experiences with the best open mind and heart that is possible. Nothing deserves inattention to become like a closed ‘box’. Today is a changing world of inventions, ideas, technology, music … the only thing that doesn’t seem to merit change with the outer world changing so much, are humans who spend their lives playing with the outer changes.  
Look at the sky, dropping the mind, and love finds it’s way from your heart to your mind. Love and life happens with the best freedoms when there is no  box. The world is filled with hustlers who have a story to sell to be in their box.
Say no to all boxes! Marriage for all but the rare is a box with a lock that if broken often leads one to another box. The Key is to throw away the key and live with the greatest passion and integrity that you can. Unlock the heart box, but know that who you meet likely has fear in the heart box to be a recipe for life’s many emotional challenges that if not approached with an open heart and mind box with common sense, will be a life box with little window space.
Throw out all of your old boxes that stand in your way of being free, and seeing what surprises life presents. It’s your life, and only you can hold you back regardless of what you may think. Stay out of boxes, they never have the best answer but for a moment. Love is freedom. To be free, let nothing and no one cramp your life of joy and bliss, particularly the box on your shoulders. Build or uncover the heaven within, and know that it is within you! Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get, but be ready to enjoy it all! 

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