Inconvenient You

Inconvenient You
September 5, 2015
Whether it’s tens of thousands of years, hundreds or more, you have evolved slowly to the point where you are now! What came since your moment of arrival a few years ago was likely not at the most convenient time, under the most convenient circumstances, or as convenient for your parents as they would have liked, not to mention their circumstances from their parents, and on back and back until the beginning developments of human kind. You are one of the best that’s come up from your lineage, and with many more opportunities to evolve. 

Truth is YOU are more at the controls of your life than anyone or thing as to what’s been, and where you step next. The universe has been over anxious compared to the past, flooding the marketplace with everything to make your life filled with choices to add to your joys. It’s inconvenient to have to surf through all the advantages and benefits to make you more aware, healthier, productive, and just better informed to see the truths of infinite puzzles that your ancestors didn’t have access to. 

Truth is, as inconvenient as it might seem, everything is here to help you clear any damage in your past as well as  answers to how to make the best of your inner possibilities from better health to having the highest love that likely everyone in your past family never experienced. 

Looking at health and love, why have one without the other? Health is wealth, but  ignoring your love health even if working on the physical health is like caring for your car’s outside and practical better driving considerations while ignoring not only the mess inside, yet forgetting about the most important thing! If you wonder what that is, well then maybe you should deal with this inconvenient truth, and see what it is and do something about it. 

If you’re satisfied and complacent that the love you’ve experienced is all there is, wake up! Most likely you’ve settled in to deluding yourself that others are preventing you from having the greatest love possible, and ever experienced on the planet. The ‘driver’ is not the car! Cars can be replaced endlessly. You and the love that hides within cannot be replaced! If you have the thought that the love you’ve experienced is not the highest love imaginable, likely you have a lot of ‘love growing’ to do! Kick out/let go of the shit that’s backed up in your life, and you’ll be at the ‘starting line’ for that ‘love that equals the deepest ever experienced’. From my own experience, I can assure you it’s there …waiting for you! Why obsess with the outer world and ignore spending much of that same energy on the best conscious love possible. 
Finding that enlightened love is best facilitated by connecting with one who has found it themselves. A ‘Master of Love’ is you through ‘mastering love’, but rarely possible on your own, especially with time marching on and passing you inconveniently! 

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