Too Busy to Love

Too Busy to Love
August 20, 2015
After the romance, and having the hors-d’oeuvres, champagne, and cake, thoughts and actions for most turn to everything else while expecting the ‘goodies’ of memories to remain the same. Everyone love’s in their own way, but that rarely is what at least one of the partners would like. Why is that? It’s a societal, cultural thing passed down through the ages when there may have been much better reasons. Today, with more ‘amenities’ of things, activities, and information than in all history combined, there is no good reason that anyone should feel and give less than all the love possible.
In America, many are much younger appearing than ancestors as they reach the minimum age of Senior citizen at 55. It’s common to be stunned that you were just in your 30’s and now 60 is in sight! I never paid attention to obituaries while living in the big cities of New York and Los Angeles, then upon moving to the small resort town above the Olympic Peninsula I frequently glance at the obituary section, and notice ages. I’m always astounded at how many die in their 50’s! Of course many are way older, but since I’ve lost a couple of friends and relatives in their 50’s, I’m saddened that each of them was so incomplete with their love lives of self as well as with any partner they’ve had.  
Each was too busy in all of their short lives to give attention to the most important aspect of their lives – love of self and  experiencing a deep love with another. People, and especially couples end up unconsciously ‘using each other’ from expectation, and no or little love. Putting off the most important thing in life for  outer desires empties the deep inner beauties that are within all, but for nurturing. 
The female naturally responds to love more than most males. However, they too drift away from personal love of self and a partner. Deep love with another who can return the same deep love, as an adult, is a resonance that activates a ‘godlike divinity’ within that warms the being for life through all situations even another’s death. Two people need to have an agreement of total communication from all aspects of the being as their primary focus!
Make it easy to love one another. Be inside you, the person you would want the other to be. Today is your love life and your ticket to turning your world around, seeing and feeling the godliness all around. It’s not an imagination, but a REAL PLACE! Know love like you cannot imagine more possible, and be with that consciousness naturally everyday!

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