Heart Chains

Heart Chains
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September 2, 2015
There is some wisdom in most people’s not trusting opening the heart unconditionally. Few can open their heart to protect themselves unconsciously from their personal insecurities and liabilities. The locked heart protects being hurt, or so you may think. You attract what your vibration is, and at best it’s a balance of an open heart and mind that knows no restrictions of a total communication. Sadly, most who had a locked heart at 18 years old, will continue with the same guarded mistrust of opening and submitting. ‘Wise’ in a strange way, because it’s unlikely the the other will be any different, and it has nothing necessarily to do with coupling.
You can deeply love someone who can’t reciprocate, and yet not even have a relationship with. Emotional hurt from love’s opening to whatever degree, and for whatever purpose is like a death. You and the other must always have an agreement to be compassionate to the other under all circumstances, and most importantly keep the lines of communication open. Knowing what you think is all the answers when it comes to love is likely a ‘chain to the heart’, in other words an attempt to keep the other at a distance for fear of what life has conditioned you ‘to lock up’.
You may have had or will have many lives, but this one is like no other because you are here as you, and who must not miss a moment to let go and trust the emotional experience of seeing who you really are beyond what you think you deserve to see. 
You with chains around the heart will always struggle missing the love that waits  for you to find the key to unlock your heart. That experience will feel a hurt in the heart in letting go as the opening key empties all its obstructions. The outer today, with all it’s appeals from endless technology and information is like a blaring TV that’s on all the time keeping the mind filled with everything but the real you. As life goes from month to month, year to year, and decade to decade, unsolved issues from the past follow like a cloud collecting more hurt, frustrations and fears to keep the heart locked and shrinking. In a way, it’s logical karma!
Life is like a river always changing while you may live life as a stagnate pond with no fresh water coming from tributaries. The pond, or heart and mind get settled into what it knows while collecting ‘junk’ that just floats to the bottom of unconscious. The mind finds it easier to be its own enemy, and in denial that it’s avoiding the life of the heart. Hearts meet hearts easier than the mind pulls in a love that works. When love is real, and when the source is reached, the energy doesn’t stop, and with no control except for the best discernment of how to harmoniously position yourself for the best love and light with one or many. Why just walk on by love?  Stop just believing in love … know it!

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