Religion is a Hospital

Religion is a Hospital
August 17, 2015
Religions have been modified to serve greed, ignorance, guilt, and the consistent ‘flunking’ of the sheeple. As children we are passed from grade to grade, then to further education to pursue whatever endeavor we choose. In a way, we become an outpatient having succeeded enough to follow our passions. Real religion must encourage each to become an ‘outpatient’ to evolve through life by the use of all the qualities of ‘self love’ and individuality that can be given to others also. To live creatively out of the ‘box’ of temporary healing that ‘religion’ is for, is divine. 
Religion needs to be the ‘safety net’ that it really is for millions who are lost or ill and know not where to turn. Religion has a place in the world where most are not on a path of consciousness and inner discovery of who they really are. 
Change might happen if we set religion right, which is to do that, and from the heart. 500,000 + religion salesmen in the US need to be taxed! Then too, they need to be called on their apathy of reciting biblical formula that anyone can read on their own. Denial of being informed on current objective, credible research out on major scriptural errors needs to be examined and factored into being more aware and conscious. 
As a jesus would likely agree, why are they asking for money, and ‘selling’ scripture for more money. Religion is for the sick and those who fear not knowing where to turn. Religion should be to heal. Once healed people need to be encouraged to go on their own,  seeking spiritual means apart from any ‘doctrine’ for personal evolvement. Reading and quoting is not experiencing!  Truth be known for all the good points of religion it is being practiced as a scam!
Religions condemn birth control devices so they can harp on abortion practices in tandem with politicians who are mostly the scum of the earth. Religions should teach birth control beyond ‘abstinence’. Religions are filled with corruption. All religions! Religions don’t advocate ‘meditation’ because they ‘fear it’ taking away their flock (which it will). Jesus would be ashamed at Christianity as it is. He didn’t need it, nor did his disciples (even though, it’s just a story of metaphors and parables to follow, but not to cling to mentally).
Religion is a stepping stone to a more spiritual life. If it’s used as the end, you will miss the enlightenment within. You are a reflection of what you perceive as god. Drop the ‘reflection’ and see that you are no less than god’s real personification. Know who the real you is inside, and not just the outer, and other’s perception of you.

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