Abused Abuse

Abused Abuse!
August 15, 2015
If people were asked how they would rate their experience of abuse on a scale of ‘0 to 10’ (10 being worst abuse) they incurred as a child, few would pick ‘0 to 2 or 3’. Myself, I would say ‘0’ as a child, but then again living in Venice Beach, it often seemed to be a 6 or 7 at times! Now – ‘0’ – even with the ‘draconian legal system’ on my ‘free speech rights ongoing trial’ … thankfully!! How about you? 
Abuse has 2 pronunciations. One is a verb meaning to mistreat something or someone (abuze). The other is a noun meaning to ‘misuse’, mistreatment, or to treat one improperly as in abusive. A child may be abused (verb) and it’s referred to as ‘abuse’ (noun).
Abuse is a hidden unconscious infiltrator that colors one’s later experiences throughout all life until death, causing psychological, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pains that continue to pop up. It’s like the saying, ‘wherever you go, there you are!’ It’s your life whether you let the lesions of the past go or not. Only ‘you’ hold yourself back from rebooting a startup new, fresh life without living and sleeping with the so called demons of the early years. 
There is nothing more soothing than loving yourself, and being able to find love wherever you turn. Abuse, as unfortunate as it is, is also something that makes you  deal with the challenges of life with greater strength and fortitude than otherwise. Holding on the past abuse makes it easy to both receive more abuse, while abusing others. Abuse of alcohol, drugs and anything that dulls the being from free thinking and emotional love is to abuse your opportunity of living a full life of blessings for yourself and others who you connect with. 
Carrying your prior abuse to bed every night is to discredit your very loving self within. Couples still carrying abuse marry and bring their abuse to bed every night, as we’ll a procreating children who they pass their unresolved abuse to. Since the beginning of time of human evolution, abuse has dominated lives, and wrecked havoc on the hearts and minds of billions in violence sometimes called wars, and often now called ‘domestic abuse’. You are the ‘chosen one’ to change millions of years now and here to a superconsciousness within yourself, and all you touch. Find out how to dump unwanted abuse to open your freedom, personal life, and all aspects of love. Focus on acknowledging your situation, then open the mind and heart to meditation, awareness, and discernment. Life and love is a freedom and blessing that you deserve.

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