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August 21, 2015
It’s a new dawn, a new day, a new life every moment when you’re awake to find the magic of existence within your heart. The rainbows of life are within you, and unless that is so, they will not be found very often in the world out there! When each morning comes, be loving yourself without the storms and clouds of the past being clung to. It will create a rarified air within you as your day unfolds no matter what the outside brings. When you are home within, the best that can be inside you will always rise. Always a new horizon will meet within every day. 
WE all have the ability to enjoy our own company as one of the greatest gifts life has to offer! Learning to turn your thoughts away from all your responsibilities at the day’s end, and take your mind into a state of peace and benevolence enables you to carry greater and greater loads without feeling the burden. When your inner landscape is full of beautiful thoughts, everything you do is a pleasure. Gently, calm down chaotic situations and offer solace to your troubled  mind. 
To seek solace on the outside while ignoring spending time with the inner silence is a form of anesthetizing or avoiding the most important person you’ll ever meet. YOU! 
As a child, and into early adulthood, I was what I would call ‘extroverted introversion’, or very comfortable with my ‘inside self’ unless it came to many social situations. In other words, I was exceptional with one on one communications, but not so with strangers and  public interaction. Borderline shy would be accurate. I made a decision to bring my inner confidence outward every opportunity I could. Out of college I spent 20 New York years in sales and marketing, threw many parties, enjoyed the single bars, and hung out with friends who were extroverts. Then moving to Los Angeles, I really crossed the line into being an extrovert by having the world’s largest free speech display where I spoke with infinite people for 13 years. In addition to this were infinite hours of different forms of meditations as well as guiding them.
Always visualize how you think you can be, which each has the possibility of within. Have the intent and passion to become that with patience, time, flexibility and positive focus. We all have come here at the most incredible time in history to be what we can visualize. The most important is to find out who you really are while opening your heart, and being able to walk through all your life with love and compassion. Conversion into introversion and extroversion are  both waiting for you to do it! 

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