Hell or Love Path

Hell or Love Path?
August 12, 2015
Are you caught between the negative and the positive more than being on the ‘path of love’? Increasing your love experience will not resonate very well if you think it will work by loving your dog or cat, or even the mind frame that you are loving people more. Loving God or some idol will not create the full resonance of deep love within. Deep love within doesn’t come from some magical place, or if you have ‘troubles’ unresolved within you. The light shines fullest on a clear day with no clouds. Unresolved problems are clouds that hide some of the light, and as much as all of it especially on a dark night. 
It is critical now to keep your frequency high, keep your thoughts and feelings in the now moment focused on Love, Compassion and Empathy. Love, Compassion and Empathy are the hallmark of being a true human being, and not a robotic cyborg that is controlled through negative thoughts. All this is great, however not without becoming unattached to negatives that you are attached to. That’s like painting an old house without scraping the old paint off in preparation  for the fresh coat. Won’t work very well! Another example might be an athlete who has an injury that slows them down. They won’t be competitive. Clear what’s in the way of total positivity and loving yourself. 
Some people on the earth are descending in vibration and as they digress their  frequency they are being taken over by lower spirits and artificial intelligence machinery. This is what is called consubstantiality, the persons low frequency energy field is bonded through the protein chains of their DNA into these low realms of dark forces of phantom and descending timelines. You cannot escape the bad habits that were fueled by unresolved earlier issues. Put another way – you have to do the work and be open to seeing what that which is needed to forgive or have greater compassion and insight into. 
Know where you came from as much as is possible. See where the parents who raised you came from, and their obstacles, and even their parents obstacles. Things usually happen for good reason. Be happy that who raised you did the best they could with what they had and came from. Tragic circumstances are usually passed on from generation to generation to make YOU!  BE THANKFUL THAT YOU ARE HERE AT THE BEST TIME ON EARTH WITH METHODS TO MOVE BEYOND THE OBSTACLES PASSED DOWN FOREVER FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T HAVE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES! 
See the light within, for it’s always there. The darkness is too, but through love and/or meditation, the darkness will only be outside you, and the light will always travel burning bright within no matter what! Light up Hell, and it disappears, leaving the light of love. Just do the work!

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