End is the Beginning

End is Beginning
 August 9, 2015
There is no end and no beginning, but opportunities to move forward and upward, then onward to the new best situation. People in their lives create too many false beginnings as well as unloving endings that still are never ended in their minds. Love really has no beginning and no ending. It’s always within you since conception, and on to the next realm after this life within you.
Love is a spiritual path. Loving God without loving yourself is little more than saying words that have minuscule value but for your false perception. To claim love from the mind without feeling it deep, and experiencing it with another who loves themselves deeply is to merely banter concepts from programming acquired from other sources. Most humans have learned to be socially acceptable by mouthing sincerity’s of love that are both transparent, and don’t maintain there meaning through times challenges. Love is a prison especially when you use it to assuage favors from another or to use it as a habit that doesn’t survive anyone including yourself to feel the unquestioning sincerity. 
Who you are inside, beyond what others have conditioned you to believe, is always there to be accessed, but for your distraction with who you try to be. Same thing with love. Love is always inside waiting for your nurturing which is frequently ignored in favor of paying attention to the  negative past which blocks the light within. Real love is activated by the connection with someone who is in a surrender along with you. Neither clings to the blocks accumulated by the false you sometimes called the personality. 
Love is always there once it is activated completely in the being, and is not a momentary flash, but a permanent transformation or transition beyond the mind and it’s obstructions. Clinging to love that resists an eternal overwhelming of your very essence, is often to make yourself a life time prisoner of flashes of love and any negative including hatred. The negatives are from you not letting go, and you can’t completely let go with another who isn’t a totally open receiver, or for that matter, just with yourself. Love today is not a passing phenomenon of convenience in a time of your life.
I currently am in touch with a couple who both bring unresolved issues to their ‘erratic relationship’ interspersed with chemical abuse and unresolved bad memories. They continue to use each other’s needy love that is incomplete as the years continue, each complaining about the other wondering why life doesn’t grant them real, sustaining love. One of them in particular is obsessed with not letting go which is a definite sign of lack of self love and compassion for the other. Love always is willing to let the other go! That’s not easy to understand unless you’re lucky enough to have the experience, then it makes perfect sense, for you are always connected deep inside. Alway be loving, even after the ‘love’ is not working.
People need the ‘freedom of love’ and that means to always let the other be free. Love is always freedom, not a prison. Love is out to get you! Open the door!

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