Abortions to Heaven

Abortions to Heaven
August 1, 2015
Pro life people support eternal health and love.  Real ‘Pro life’ people don’t choose to condemn women who make the choice in deciding to be what amounts to be an ATM machine for a ‘becoming’ fetus by charging the act as ‘murder’.
Someone, somewhere decided to come up with the insane notion that only those who were against female rights to make choices to have a child or not, were to be called, ‘Pro life’. The implication is that others for women’s rights are ‘pro death’. Frankly, there is a ‘mind fuck’ going on that primarily supports a ‘religion’s agenda’. 
American politics are year after year controlled by the ‘abortion question’ with the so called, hypocritical religion ‘pro lifers’ who frequently condemn a woman’s choice to ‘reverse’ an accidental pregnancy, by forming thousands of groups to back the candidates of the ‘conservative party’ largely based on their agreement to support their views. If these ‘anti abortion’ people had their wishes, all women would be at the mercy of no choice. Of course, a male always has a ‘choice’. In fact, if men could become pregnant, (and it’s happened), Wal Mart’s would become sacred ‘fetus ATM machines’! Perhaps some of the fetuses  would become contributors to the ‘communion’ ritual in some churches (ie., Catholic). 
For all of history males have ruled over the whole earth to dominate, manipulate and control everyone, but especially a woman’s freedom and choice. Individually and privately all females should have a choice when it comes to a pregnancy. Today, one conservative told me (millions believe it) that a life begins at conception! Of course it does! Certainly a sperm  and egg are not dead!! It’s another way to ‘pinata’ the millions who don’t want women to have free choice (although they avoid saying it that way. 
Doing my free speech displays in Los Angeles and here in Washington State, I’ve had innumerable encounters with all kinds of mind sets. The ‘anti abortion people’ are usually rigidly and verbally ready to let others know of the ‘evil’ of abortions. Many Christians have come up to me to talk about it. I ask them, ‘where do children go who die early’? Their answer is inevitably, after some hesitation, ‘to Heaven of course’. Then I tell them that the unborn, be it a miscarriage, mother and child dying, or an abortion, children then go to Heaven. Like hitting an ATM machine button they are automatically sent on their way to Heaven? Most don’t know what to say. Politics and religion organizations in cahoots, control their sheeple to be led into thinking this way. 
Denial of what’s really going on is viral with people who are not ‘awake’ and question beyond anyone’s agenda. When you find the inner love of self, the world of thought and action changes giving more freedom in all of life. You are more than an ‘agenda machine’! Be Free! Arhata~

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