Love Hotter & Up

Love Hotter & Up!
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July 28, 2015
Are you a ’10’? Are you looking to be with a ’10’? Most of us on a ‘physical scale’ are less than that. What makes that couple who one appears as a ’10’ and the other much less? We’ve all seen the guy with a ’10’ who looks like he’s 1/2 of that. Is it his money? If we consider the ‘inner person’ the scales are likely entirely different as the ‘outer 10’ is often bouncing between a 4 and 7! What to want to love, the outer or the inner as a ’10’?
Most people bounce between a 4 and 6 to be involved with regardless of looks. What matters most? Intelligence would pick the ‘evolved inner’ who are balanced and love themselves, however few people reach the heights of self love, settling for what shows up, or making a few efforts here and there to fix the ‘rough edges’. Ironically few really look for a persons inner development let alone know what that is!
Chances are good you are one of the non exclusive club of billions who are ‘broken inside’, and keeping it that way because you’re too busy, don’t know what to do, or just too egotistical lazy to admit ‘it’s about you’, raising the  unconscious to consciousness of self love. Love gets ‘hottest’ when you’ve raised the stakes in yourself to reach for all the spiritual tools available to hit the inner ’10’. 
Love is a battle field unless there is a commitment to agree to not be a victim, and own what your obstacles are while helping each other get to the ’10’ inside that everyone has! Have I been with a partner who is a ’10’ inside? Yes, and one who  lived it, but the irony is everyone can reach their ’10’ inside even if it’s for sporadic moments. Being a ’10’, on what I call ‘cruise control’ or as a ‘locked in’ way of living, is a blessing like no other, and one you can be within! Let someone know who you really are, but that requires letting go who you ‘think erroneously that you are’!
We each, without exception, have an inner voice that is wise, hopeful and positive. But unfortunately we aren’t always listening. And when we’re not tuned in, we miss out on guidance, direction, and ultimately on joy and clarity. A good time to practice listening is when you turn off your bedside light and move towards sleep. Tonight rest easy and listen! 
If you lived your life honestly, your life would heal itself! Don’t anesthetize your self with distractions that leave no time for self communication and healing! Be an ‘inner 10’! It’s your gift to open! 

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