Be a Spiritual Warrior

Be a Spiritual Warrior
July 26, 2015
Kick sand in the face of the past that doesn’t fit into the moment, or where you want to be within as life continues. This is no ordinary life, but one like no other in the lives of humanity. It’s a choice-less choice to be here at this time. What’s not working for you on the outside needs to be a reminder of what’s not working on the inside of you. There is always light on the outside especially if you can turn the lights on in the inside to find the love of self. 
While it’s never too late to be who is the real unfettered you inside, as the years go by, outer challenges add to the unresolved inner ones that you are too busy to address and detach or let go of. The mind is a clever manipulator of ignoring the need to see what brought you to this point today. Often that point, regardless of outer circumstances, has all but buried what made the inner you that you experience, missing the positives that all are entitled to. A few are well balanced, happy blissful people, inspite of the challenges life serves up either, because they were blessed with that upbringing, or they stopped at some point, and left the attachments to the negatives behind. That of course doesn’t mean that they have forgotten them, but use them as opportunities to overcome, challenges. Likely they have  forgiven, understood, let go of, and just moved on in a path that brings a new found bliss within. 
Most crawl along with lugging the bad breaks they had as a kid trying to fulfill  their love dreams and inner peace but settling for breaks between sunshine and thunderstorms that not only eventually often,  and ultimately damages their health, while causing heart ache for others. 
A ‘spiritual warrior’ will, as was sung in the musical ‘Man of La Mancha’ where the lead, Don Quixote, sings that he will ‘March Into Hell for a Heavenly Cause’, make the number one priority in life to find his true self where bliss, joy and infinite love reside. Success in the world of the material is to be possibly achieved by going into the opposite direction. The two are never acquired together. Nothing can stop one who seeks the inner truths and their enlightened being. Following the path of the material, or the no path of shuffling through what life brings is a road to missing the inner blessings of life. 
If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.
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